Gay Cure App Triggers Backlash

Posted by Shazy on Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gay Cure App Triggers Backlash
A free app available through iTunes is causing a lot of controversy. The controversy centers on an app that says it can cure homosexuality. Thousands of people are criticizing the app and Apple for violating homosexual rights.

The app comes from Exodus International, a group that has been famous for promoting an agenda against homosexuality. Exodus International has claimed that people can overcome homosexuality through prayer.

In a letter posted on the website, thousands of people are calling for the removal of the app. Exodus International says that the app has received a favorable rating.

They said the app is designed to be a resource for men and women who are impacted by homosexuality.

According to Exodus International, there is nothing obscene in the app. Apple has yet to respond to the issue, but they will likely have to face the difficult question as more people sign the petition.

Source: Dbtechno