Top Spring Break Hot Spots

Posted by Shazy on Sunday, March 20, 2011

Top Spring Break Hot Spots
Top spring break destinations
Who wouldn’t want to party in the Bahamas? Here are a few things to keep you occupied there. Find out some of the hot spots for spring-break fun and what to do there once your ticket to paradise is booked. Remember: Be safe. Not into partying? Try these alternatives and read about students who gave up their breaks for service. Get the latest scoop on hot spots and more for spring break.

While there have been travel advisories against going to Mexico for spring break, they haven’t hindered Cancun from remaining a favorite destination.
Aruba is a college favorite for party destinations. Here’s what to do there and more
Who said you had to leave the country to have a good time?
Key West
Orlando is not the only place in Florida to go for a good time.
Panama City Beach
This Florida hot spot is known for its white sandy beaches and celebrity sightings.
Not into beaches? What about going to the mountains? Aspen is known for its ski resorts. But, it’s fast becoming a spot for spring-breakers
San Antonio
The weather makes San Antonio a hot spot for more than one reason. If you can stand the heat, head on down to Texas
South Padre Island
The resort city of South Padre Island is one big beach party.
It’s Jamaica, mon. Enough said. Check out great deals to Montego Bay.

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