Infamous Oscar Fashions

Posted by Shazy on Saturday, February 26, 2011

Infamous Oscar Fashions
Infamous Oscar Fashions
The Academy Awards' red carpet is all about style and sophistication, but in addition to delivering its fair share of glamorous gowns and daring new trends, the arrivals line is notorious for its fashion faux pas. Take a look back at the big-screen stars whose Oscar looks turned into big-time bombs.
 1988: Nearly 20 years before Cher took Sin City by storm, the diva donned this showgirl-inspired Bob Mackie mess of a dress at the 60th Academy Awards.
 2001: Many style mavens consider Bjork’s swan-adorned disaster -- courtesy of Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski -- to be the biggest fashion faux pas in Oscars history. Do you agree?
 1993: Surprisingly, Whoopi Goldberg was asked to host the 1994 Academy Awards after petrifying everyone the previous year in a purple and neon-green silk jacket and embroidered jumpsuit.
 1999: Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion made a titanic mistake by sporting an ill-fitting backwards John Galliano for Christian Dior suit and matching fedora to the 71st annual fete.
 2001: While the color of the dress Kate Hudson wore to the 73rd Academy Awards was lovely, the overall design was downright dowdy. And don't get us started on that catastrophic coif of hers!
 1989: Demi Moore topped the worst-dressed list at the 61st Academy Awards when she dared to wear a self-designed gaudy gold skirt, bustier, and biker shorts to the all-star soiree.
 2002: Gwyneth Paltrow's alarming look -- which she debuted at the 74th Academy Awards -- featured a childish coif, a shabby skirt, and an unsightly, unsupportive, sheer Alexander McQueen top.
 1992: Not only did Best Actress nominee Geena Davis ("Thelma & Louise") lose to Jodie Foster at the 64th Academy Awards, she also easily lost the red carpet rumble thanks to her mullet-like monstrosity.
 2004: Diane Keaton took her love of menswear a tad too far in ’04 in this Ralph Lauren Collection suit, which she paired with a pinstripe vest, polka dot tie, bowler, and boutonniere.
 2002: Country cutie Faith Hill looked far from tasty in the tacky, snow cone-colored creation she unveiled in 2002 at the 74th Academy Awards.
 2000: She may have taken home an Oscar on March 26, 2000, for her powerful role in "Girl, Interrupted," but that night Angelina Jolie didn't take home any awards for her gothic, Elvira-esque Versace ensemble.
2004: Uma Thurman looked more prepared to serve up some smoked turkey legs at a Renaissance faire than to walk the red carpet at the 76th Academy Awards in her frumpy, lace-and-satin Christian LaCroix frock.
 1991: Before Nicole Kidman became a fashionable red carpet favorite, the Aussie actress -- who attended the 63rd Academy Awards with her then-husband Tom Cruise -- was known to overindulge in atrocious trends such as velvet mini dresses and gigantic sequined belts.
 2002: Eight years ago, "A Beautiful Mind" star and Best Supporting Actress winner Jennifer Connelly looked anything but beautiful in a beige Balenciaga bomb and ragged peach scarf.
 1990: Kim Basinger has never been a style standout, but she certainly stood out (in a bad way!) at the 62nd annual ceremony in a self-designed, Disney-like debacle and layers of troubled tresses.
 2000: "Top Model" hostess with the mostest Tyra Banks wasn't runway or red carpet-ready at the 72nd spectacle in a chintzy-looking Vera Wang prom bomb.
 1995: Sharon Stone resembled an unfortunate Hershey's Kiss at the 67th Oscars in an unfashionable, foil-like Valentino frock.
 1999: A few years before she asked Carolina Herrera to become her go-to dress designer, Renee Zellweger donned this doily-enhanced eyesore to the 71st Academy Awards.
 2007: The color of the custom-made Oscar de la Renta dress Jennifer Hudson wore to the '07 soiree was spot on, but the metallic bolero Vogue Contributing Editor Andre Leon Talley demanded she don was disastrous.
2005: Cane? Check. Cast? Check. A desperate-for-attention Melanie Griffith embarrassing herself at the 77th Academy Awards in a shoulder-baring Versace dress? Check!
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