Celebrities lips real pumped

Posted by Shazy on Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrities lips real pumped
Journalists American news portal MSNBC.COM addressed to Dr. Tony UNU from Michigan, to comment on the lips of celebrities and assess whether they are natural. Despite the fact that Tony Yuen has nothing to do with celebrities, represented in this collection, and did not make them any cosmetic or medical procedures, he is competent enough for such an assessment, as an experienced certified plastic surgeon and author of a blog dedicated to "star" plastic operations.

Angelina Jolie
Of course Angelina most famous lips in the world. To the envy of all women of the planet her lips are naturally, without any plastic surgery. How they looked when Angelina started her career because they look now. Even the strongest weight loss a few years ago did not affect their entirety. Maybe Angelina and yield the throne holders of the most attractive lips in Hollywood Scarlett Johansson, but her lips remain the hallmark actress.
Beyonce Knowles
U Beyonce on the nature of the beautiful and sensual lips. Many girls like to have lips like hers! Although I admit that over Beyonce worked surgeons: changed his chest, nose ... Nevertheless, her lips look incredibly natural. She do not need no needles, no injections of Restylane. If she came into my office with a request to correct a sponge, I would have kicked off. It makes no sense as a change is natural perfection.
Demi Moore
At Demi thin by nature lip lips. If you compare her lips on my favorite of the movie "Ghost" with its participation, you will notice that her upper lip is very thin. Today, the upper lip is still thin, but not as much as before. It was a little chubby. My guess is that some top-flight surgeon from Beverly Hills corrected her use in this case moderate injection to preserve the natural proportions of the lips and not much increase in their size. Although I doubt that it took away 3 million dollars on plastic surgery, as some rumored. In her case would be enough and a few hundred dollars.
Eva Longoria
Until now, the lips of Eve is not awarded a special mention, although they can rightfully be considered a very attractive feature of a very attractive actress. They did not touch the plastic surgeon, and at the same time, they are full and sensual. Although Eve's lips are not as plump as Scarlett or Angelina, they occupy a place in my list of the top lip. Many housewives are desperate for such lips as those of Eve. The actress looks like she passed "the test for a kiss." What is the "kiss test"? This is the best way to find out how her lips are natural. If you kiss the lips of Eve, and they will remind the two rubber tires, the "kiss test" is not passed. But I'm sure Eve will pass it easily.
Jennifer Garner
I never thought that Jennifer is something to do with your lips up until somewhere in the network does not have stumbled upon her photos in a series of "before and after." Although I'm still not sure a hundred percent that it had used injections, but it is quite possible. Her lips look a little unnatural, but quite bearable.
Julia Roberts
In Julia Roberts may be the most attractive smile, what can be. Like millions of other men, I fell in love with her smile, when I first saw her in "Pretty Woman." Her smile is natural, but it is one of the first started to increase his lips back in 1990 with the help of collagen, which is now replaced by different "Restylane," yuvidermy "and other" gubouvelichiteli. Nevertheless, Julia's lips - still a classic standard of beauty in Hollywood. Her smile is the most amazing smile of Mona Lisa.
Kim Kardashian
I've always thought that Kim natural lips like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Beyonce Knowles. But one day, I saw some pictures of Kim, in which her lips looked like a swarm of bees stung them. Kim denies the rumors of intervention plastic surgery, but photographs do not lie. Perhaps her natural pop, hair, but his lips ...
Lara Flynn Boyle
Lara's lips look like two sausages. It is obvious that their natural proportions have been changed. For most people, the lower lip is usually 50% higher than the upper. In Lara, on the contrary, the lower lip is less than the upper. That's why they look so strange and unnatural. Lara has turned a classic "fish mouth". My guess is that her lips are implants, such as Gortex.
Lindsay Lohan
During a recent hearing in the case of Lindsay Lohan, her lips looked like two big pillows. Both her lips unnaturally swollen. I am now wondering, between gigs, stints in jail and stay in rehab, when she has time to even visit a plastic surgeon?
Megan Fox
Megan Fox - Angelina Jolie is the current generation, though without the Oscar, and plump lips naturally. But if Oscar can not buy, the plump lips - it is quite possible that Megan probably did. She makes a spectacle out of their sexy lips as possible. Bravo her plastic surgeon!
Meg Ryan
America has become the favorite example of how you can overdo it with the "pumping" the lips. Ever since she appeared in the movie "My Mom's New Boyfriend» (My Mom's New Boyfriend) my blog is flooded www.celebcosmeticsurgery.com comments about her unnaturally plump lips. Her upper lip is greater than the lower, and looks like it inelastic. Perhaps this is due to the use of an implant, such as silicone. If this is indeed silicone implants can be easily removed within 20 minutes and return the Meg, who remember the audience for the films "Sleepless in Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally."
Nadia Suleman
That is because what a horror ... Nadya 14 children, including the famous eight twins, and no job, although she found the money on something to pump up her lips and to correct an extremely stretched after pregnancy stomach. Who is trying so hard for her? The reason why people think that Nadia is trying to be like Angelina Jolie, is that in Nadi Bay about the same size as that of Angie. But as of the Ford Pinto is impossible to make Porsche, and from Nadi not get Angelina. My advice: leave the operation, and saved money to save for college kids.
Nicole Kidman
Nicole's lips look like her acting game. Sometimes they are enchanting, and sometimes not. When Nicole's lips slightly increased within reasonable limits, they have become the most charming and attractive in Hollywood. But when she siphoned them the impression that it is now unable to drink through a straw. My friendly advice: lighter with an increase in the lips. Less is more.
Priscilla Presley
Priscilla's lips look worse than lip evil merry-Joker, played in "Batman" Jack Nicholson. They are overly tightened at the corners of the mouth, why do they seem to be too large. I think only then, "Restylane," could not have done. Some sources say that the lips do unskilled doctor, who used an industrial liquid silicone, but was later arrested for unfair practices.
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson's lips lips surpassed itself Angelina Jolie are the most sexy in Hollywood. They are naturally plump and sensual, and play a significant role in her manner of modern sex-bomb. Now many women who are turning to plastic surgery, ask me to make them "lips like Scarlett." But not all surgeons under the power to create such perfection.
Suzanne Somers
Now Suzanne vengeance advertise their books on how to age gracefully and with dignity. But if she went to bed under the knife of a plastic surgeon? Her lips definitely look much plumper than in his youth. I suspect it is - the result of the introduction of any fat or injections Yuviderma. Some even say, that it stung his face stem cells, while Suzanne is of course denies.