The Best and Worst Outfits for the Royal Wedding

Posted by Shazy on Monday, May 2, 2011

The Best and Worst Outfits for the Royal Wedding
Turmoil and madness around the royal wedding is finally over. After months of trying to guess at what will be the royal bride Kate Middleton brought a solemn vow in the dress from Alexander McQueen. We suggest you look at the best and worst outfits for the royal wedding! Elegant ensemble of Victoria Beckham and her dress Philippa Middleton of the Alexander McQueen - you see them, and much more!
1. Kate Middleton
the Duchess of Cambridge. Titles it now much, but we'll give her another one: "Its absolutely wonderful majesty! His vow new Duchess of Cambridge brought in a white satin gown and lace veil from Sarah Barton out of the house Alexander McQueen. In addition, it was owned by the queen tiara from Cartier, made in 1930.
2. David and Victoria Beckham
Perhaps it was their appearance at the royal wedding was the most anticipated - except the very bride. Victoria was in a luxurious dress of his own design - dark blue, successfully hides the waist and very elegantly combined with the cap from Philip Treacy. David was more elaborate than usual, in a tailcoat and top hat.
3. Pippa Middleton
Of course, the star of the day was Kate, but her younger sister, Philippa Middleton has also become important centers of attention. She looked simply magnificent in a cream dress with V-shaped notch from Alexander McQueen. From its sun lit figures just could not take his eyes!
4. Prince William
Duke of Cambridge. Kate was wonderful, but let's not forget about her husband! Prince was in a bright scarlet form, so do not notice it was difficult. This form - the colonel's uniform, the Irish Guards, one of the honorary titles of William. Belt, epaulettes and medals - here's a majestic appearance.
5. Princess Beatrice
Very difficult to describe the construction on the head of Princess Beatrice. Because we are better to avoid the refrain. Of course, do not notice it was difficult - in a strange hat and a dress by Valentino.
6. Charlene Uittstok
Olympic swimming champion and a future princess of Monaco was luxurious and reminiscent of another celebrity of Monaco - very Grace Kelly. Charlene arrived at the royal wedding on the arm of her fiance Prince Albert, in a pale gray coat with a round collar, hat with wide brim and varnish boats.
7. Chelsea Davy
Prince Harry's girlfriend, was greenish-blue dress and jacket by Alberta Ferretti, as well as in the cap of Victoria Grant. Unfortunately, the girl seems to have forgotten to have a clock - and had no time to comb your hair.
8. Carol Middleton
Carole Middleton is quite consistent with the main requirement for any bride's mother: Do not overshadow his daughter. She arrived at Westminster Abbey in a pale blue ensemble, dress and a jacket decorated with sequins at the waist modest, charming hat, suede and boats with matching color purse.
9. Samantha Cameron
Samantha Cameron, wife of Prime Minister David Cameron, visited Westminster Abbey in a turquoise dress with short sleeves from Burberry. It is done without the cap, preferring it to a set of hairpins and necklaces by Erickson Beamon. Sandals completed the outfit for 60 dollars from Aldo.
10. Zara Phillips
The eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and style icon Zara Phillips looked as usual luxury in a silver coat from Akris. None of the royal wedding is not complete without a luxurious hats, and Zara is also complemented the ensemble with leopard patterned handbag and shoes from Mary Jane.
11. Spanish Princess Letizia
Princess Letizia is always good! At the royal wedding, she wore a single color dress with lace and floral embroidery, satin pumps, and a hat with feathers and veil.
12. Princess Eugenia
While most guests were dressed with restraint, Princess Eugenie, apparently decided all cheer her appearance. She appeared in a jacket with a colorful pattern and a lush blue skirt. The fact that the royal wedding is vital to the hat, we have already mentioned. So, Princess Eugenia decided to supplement costume headdress, a la Peter Pan with pretentious rose and feather.
13. Queen Elizabeth II
All hoped that Her Majesty will be in blue, like the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. But the Queen appeared at Westminster Abbey in a golden gown by Angela Kelly from wool crepe, suitable for the color coats, boats and a handbag.
14. Tara Palmer-Tompkinson
Tara Palmer-Tompkinson was in blue. Very blue. Very, very blue. Dress, hat, bag, gloves and shoes were the same color. Or she specifically asked the designers and the whole outfit manufactured to order, or is it long and hard to buy each item separate toilet.
15. Prince Harry
Ladies, do not worry, we have in store one more bachelor prince. And very cute! Harry was in the uniform of Captain of the Royal Horse Guards, a bright blue uniform with gold belt, cross straps and knots.
16. Princess Victoria
Swedish Princess Victoria was from head to toe in an ensemble of peach-colored - a jersey dress and a broad hat.
17. Elton John
Elton John appeared on the day a significant event is quite usual in its traditional coat, morning coat, though this time it was still a canary-colored waistcoat and bright purple tie.