Age of celebrity first-time moms

Posted by Shazy on Sunday, May 8, 2011

Age of celebrity first-time moms
Age of celebrity first-time moms. They may have more kids now, but have you ever wondered how old some celebrities and public figures were when they had their first baby? Let's wish all these moms a happy Mother's Day!
Kate Hudson
She's expecting hersecond child with this rock band's frontman, to whom she just became engaged after dating for a year. She had her first child, Ryder, now 7, with another rock star, to whom she was married for seven years.
Lisa Leslie
This WNBA superstar and four-time Olympic gold medalist took a break from her career when she had her first child, Lauren, now 3, with husband Michael Lockwood. She had her second child, Michael, in 2010.
Niki Taylor
A model since age 13, she had her twin boys, Jake and Hunter, at this age, with her former linebacker husband. They were married for two years. She's now remarried and had a daughter in 2009.
Beverly D'Angelo
She was this surprising age when she had twins Olivia and Anton, now 10, with a well-known actor, to whom she was married for six years.
Solange Knowles
When your sister is a superstar, the world notices when you have a baby at this age. Solange had her son, Juelz, now 6, with then-husband Daniel Smith, whom she married at age 17. They divorced after three years of marriage.
Mia Hamm
A two-time Olympic gold medalist in soccer, this superstar athlete became a first-time mom to twin girls Grace and Ava with her major-league husband, to whom she's been married for seven years. The girls are now 4 years old.
Keisha Castle-Hughes
This youngest-ever Academy Award nominee for Best Actress had her daughter, Felicity-Amore, now 4, with her boyfriend of eight years, Bradley Hull.
Celine Dion
This diva had her son Rene-Charles, now 10, with her husband and partner of 24 years, Rene Angelil, when she was 33. She gave birth to twins Eddy and Nelson in 2010.
Halle Berry
She had her daughter, Nahla, with former flame Gabriel Aubry, whom she dated for five years. They broke up in 2010. Nahla is now 3.
Sarah Palin
A mother of five, she had her first child, Track, when she was 25. She and husband Todd have been married for 22 years, and everyone is wondering if she'll run for president in 2012.
Michelle Obama
The first lady had her first daughter, Malia, when she was 34. Now 12, Malia and sister Sasha, age 9, are part of the first family. Michelle and Barack Obama have been married for 18 years.
Jamie Lynn Spears
Her famous sister was the headline-grabber in the family before Jamie Lynn had her daughter, Maddie, at this age with boyfriend Casey Aldridge. They were together for four years before breaking up in 2010. Maddie is now 2.
Hillary Clinton
She became a first-time mom to daughter Chelsea at age 33. Chelsea is now 31, and Hillary and husband Bill have been married for 35 years.