tiger woods girlfriend

Posted by Shazy on Thursday, March 24, 2011

tiger woods girlfriend

Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel, Derek Jeter and Today's Swagger Buzz

Alyse Lahti Johnston Should Prepare For Questions About Boyfriend Tiger Woods

I am sure she weighed the pros and cons before heading into this thing. There is no way she is not prepared for what is in store. Right?

I am of course talking about Alyse Lahti Johnston. She would be the new girlfriend of golf legend Tiger Woods. She is also about to undergo the scrutiny of the American media.

They will be at her house, her gym and work. They will follow her everywhere. That is what paparazzi do. They badger you until they get bored, or you do something to cause another headline. I hope she is prepared.

The media blitz that has been the focal point of Tiger Woods life is about to spill over onto this young 22-year old woman. Dating Tiger Woods is not like dating another man. You are taking on a logo, a franchise and a scandal.

They will want to know how she feels about his affairs. There will be questions about their relationship. She might even be asked inane questions about Tiger's swing.

There is no hiding from it. It is best to come out and embrace every last second of it. You will either look good or bad in the spotlight. There is no running from it though. Tiger Woods would do well to help matters.

He does not owe a disclosure to the media about this relationship. However, it will go a long way to helping his transition. It would also take the heat of Johnston who is sure to be asked questions that Tiger just won't answer.

Ah, I miss the days when the biggest story in golf was how good Tiger Woods was. We have fallen a long ways haven't we?

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