NCAA Brackets 2011

Posted by Shazy on Sunday, March 20, 2011


 NCAA Brackets 2011


President Obama’s 2011 NCAA Bracket is among the best around.

Somehow, I feel like this bodes well for America.

From Dan Wetzel:

“Be glad President Obama isn’t in your office pool.

He just went a blistering 29-3 in the first round.

While millions of Americans have had their brackets busted, Obama’s is almost perfectly intact after two days of play.

His only mistakes? Not forseeing Morehead State besting Louisville, UCLA defeating Michigan State and VCU stunning Georgetown.”

Not to mention:

“The President’s bracket is in terric shape as the tournament advances. Fifteen of his Sweet Sixteen selections are alive (all but Louisville), and he still could place all eight teams in the regional finals. He appears capable of scoring higher than any player on Yahoo! And perhaps any of the other bracket contests on the Internet.”

Give him this – Our president is a smart dude.

He hit on Richmond, Gonzaga, Xavier, and his picks for today all check out.

Click to behold: The Presidential Bracket.

For all the problems facing the country (bitter partisanship, the income divide, skyrocketing deficit) who knew the answer all along should’ve been to sneak Obama down to Vegas and let him put the GDP on the NCAAs?

The President’s success has been met with a Republican outcry that this bracket hullabaloo is illustrative of Obama’s misplaced priorities – that a man who sits down to fill out a bracket is perhaps not adequately allotting those minutes to more prescient concerns like comprehensive climate legislation defunding NPR.

But I remained unconvinced and, suspecting an agenda, I did a little digging.

Rumor has it, John Boehner had Louisville in the final.

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