Leonard Nimoy turns 80, Spock ear being auctioned

Posted by Shazy on Sunday, March 27, 2011

Leonard Nimoy turns 80, Spock ear being auctioned

Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy Turns 80, False Ear To Be Auctioned
Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy!

The veteran actor – who played Spock in the legendary Star Trek TV series – turned 80 on Saturday.

He celebrates the landmark birthday days after co-star William Shatner also hit 80.

Tweeting ahead of his birthday, Nimoy wrote: “I told my Dad I’m going to be an actor,” he said. “He said I’d be palling with gypsies and vagabonds. They’ll all be at my party this weekend.”

He also received birthday wishes from NASA and his other Star Trek co-star George Takei.

“Earlier this week it was @WilliamShatner’s birthday,” NASA wrote in a tweet. “Let’s give the bridge equal billing and wish happy birthday to @TheRealNimoy LLAP!”

Wrote Takei: “Happy 80th birthday to my friend Leonard Nimoy. @TheRealNimoy, LLAP.”

Meanwhile, Trekkies have the chance to fork out for one of Spock’s iconic pointy ears.

A false ear worn by Nimoy in the first Star Trek feature film is going up for auction.

The fake latex ear, which has been kept preserved by its owner for more than 30 years, is being auctioned in Los Angeles next month by Premiere Props.

An auction spokesperson said: “This ear was kept by the prop master from the film.

“It was carefully wrapped up which is important because silicone latex can deteriorate.

“Spock’s ears are an iconic part of Star Trek and fans across the world would love to own it – we’ve already had lots of bids.”

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