Americas First No-Glasses 3-D Smart Phone

Posted by Shazy on Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Americas First No-Glasses 3-D Smart Phone
Move over Apple: AT&T announces America's first no-glasses 3-D smart phone
It's been a busy few days for AT&T.

First the company announced a $39billion buyout of Deutsche Telekom’s struggling T-Mobile USA.

Now they're planning to launch America's first 3-D smart phone in a matter of months.

Hot on the heels of the Nintendo 3-DS game device and its 3-D screen, the LG Thrill 4G will have a 3-D screen and will allow users to shoot 3-D video and 3-D stills with the dual 5-megapixel stereoscopic camera.

The Thrill will run Google's Android software and will be able to play games and YouTube clips in 3-D.

In addition to apps and games from Android Market, the phone will offer 3-D content via the 'LG 3-D Space,' which houses 3-D games, video clips and images.

It comes preloaded with 16GB of memory (8GB onboard plus an 8GB MicroSD card), can record and playback 3-D video in high definition through the HDMI-out port or steam content wirelessly through DLNA technology.

T-Mobile USA has already said it will sell a tablet computer from LG that can shoot 3-D video. However, it won't have a 3-D screen.

Sascha Segan, a reviewer at PC Magazine, tried the phone out at the Mobile World Congress last month and was less than thrilled with it.

'I found the 3-D effect to be something of a headache,' he wrote in a review.

'First of all, the screen is "aquarium" 3-D - it has depth within the screen, it doesn't pop out.

'Second, if you don't hold it at the right distance, some 3-D effects just become a jumble of headache-inducing depth confusion.

'Even without the 3-D, though, this looks to be a powerful dual-core phone,' he added.

Source: Dailymail