Top anti-Valentine’s Day movies

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not everyone is in the mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  If you need a reason to celebrate being single” you could watch “War of the Roses”  or perhaps, “Sleeping With The Enemy” Sometime's Valentine' Day is just not something you want to celebrate. Perhaps you've had a nasty break-up or find yourself unattached as the dreaded holiday of romance approaches. My top ten anti-Valentine's Day movies are just the ticket. If you ever needed a reason to feel good about not being in a relationship, these movies are just what you need to get through Valentine's Day. These are my top ten favorites because they feed the need to laugh or cry, depending upon my mood.
Gary and Brooke have been dating for two
years but the relationship has stalled. He's too immature and she's too controlling, setting off countless arguments. They decide to separate but live in a condo they own together. The pair continuously try to best each other by bringing home dates, throwing wild parties and breaking each other's hearts. Billed as a romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, The Break Up does not end happily ever after as the pair end up hurting each other one too many times to forgive. PG-13, 2006, 106 mins.
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