Crazy weird arrests prison sentences

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From having to spend the night homeless, being forbidden to have a girlfriend, robbing a store in drag to the longest prison sentence, check out these outrageous arrests and unusual sentences handed down by judges.
Kidney donation condition of parole
The governor of Mississippi has attached an unusual condition to the early release of two sisters, Gladys Scott and Jamie Scott, serving life sentences: One must donate her kidney to the other. The offer is raising a number of concerns. Many believe the sister’s punishment didn’t fit the crime.

Charged for hacking wife’s email
A Michigan man is facing felony charges for reading his wife’s email. Leon Walker found evidence of a betrayal, and the couple has since divorced. Walker could face a serious sentence if he’s convicted.

Man kills neighbor, gets light sentence
Chicago residents are balking after a man received probation for killing his 23-year old neighbor, whose dog urinated on his lawn. Joshua Funches reportedly punched 69-year-old Charles Clements after he was confronted about the urination. Clements then fatally shot the younger man. Clements got a slap on the wrist compared to the maximum sentence for the crime.

Arrested for assisting immigrants
Two students, Daniel Strauss and Shanti Sellz, were arrested for taking three would-be immigrants attempting to cross into the United States to a doctor in Tucson, Ariz. The students worked for an organization set up to prevent deaths of migrants. The two turned down a plea bargain in which they would have to admit their guilt. They opted to face a hefty prison sentence instead.

Convicted for throwing tomatoes
A Minnesota man made headlines last year for allegedly throwing tomatoes at a controversial political figure during a speaking engagement. He was arrested on these charges.

Punished for abandoning kittens
Police found 35 kittens abandoned in an Ohio park and traced the animals back to Michelle M. Murray. Many of the kittens were found sick and later died. Though Murray faced several sentences, a judge handed down an unorthodox punishment.

Lowe’s hacker sentenced
Brian Salcedo was convicted of trying and failing to steal customer credit card numbers from the Lowe’s chain of home improvement stores. Some argued Salcedo’s sentence was too harsh, but he is up for parole soon.

Convicted for glass-eating scheme
Massachusetts resident Mary Evano pled guilty last month to making false insurance claims after purposely eating shards of glass. She and her husband attempted to swindle insurance companies out of a lot of money, but the bills began piling up as a result of the dangerous stunts. She was sentenced to prison and ordered to pay restitution.

Longest prison sentence
The country's longest prison sentence is being served by Dudley Wayne Kyzer, who was convicted of a grisly crime on Halloween in 1976. He was denied parole earlier this year. Kyzer still has many years yet to serve in prison of his record-breaking sentence.

Impulsive robber sentenced
A Michigan woman is headed to prison after robbing a convenience store with this object. Deneitris Pierre said she needed the money for a worthy cause.

Jailed for stealing a beer
Paul Baldwin may not win man of the year, but he takes the prize when it comes to number of arrests. His latest detention came on the heels of a jail sentence for a crime that would have only cost him $1.99. Baldwin’s long criminal history runs the gamut.

Drag queen robber sentenced
Darryl Robinson was sentenced to prison in September for robbing a New Orleans Burger King while wearing a floral dress. But his sentence was no laughing matter.

Man’s love-life put on hold
After pleading guilty to several charges of assault against a former girlfriend, Steven Cranley was handed down an unusual punishment by an Ontario judge. Cranley had been diagnosed with this disorder. The judge gave a specific reason for the odd ruling.

Slumord gets taste of his own medicine
After a two year battle with the city of Richmond, Va., property owner Oliver Lawrence was convicted and ordered to live in one of his own run-down homes for more than a month.
On top of the court-ordered stay, Lawrence was given jail time and fines.

6-year-old sentenced
A 6-year-old boy who didn’t like wearing his seatbelt was sentenced to this school last year after his mother asked a judge to help discipline her unruly son. The child may have learned his lesson after attending this class.

Woman’s diet restricted in sentence
Houston resident Melissa Dawn Sweeney was ordered to be fed only bread and water for three days as part of her punishment for neglecting two horses. The judge also ordered Sweeney to have a daily reminder of her crime. She served a much lighter sentence than the maximum punishment.

Holiday kettle thief sentenced
Two years ago, Nathen Smith, a Salvation Army worker, was ordered to stay anywhere but a house for one night as punishment for stealing holiday donations. Extreme measures were taken to ensure he followed the judge’s orders. Smith, who also spent some time in jail, had this to say about his unconventional punishment.