Biggest lottery and jackpot winners

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

 This week's Mega Millions drawing boasted the second largest pot of money ever. Two lucky winners will split the kitty.
Richest lottery prize in U.S. history
The biggest pot of lottery gold was awarded back in 2007. The Mega Millions drawing had two winners, the most notable being was Ed Nabors.

Largest single ticket Powerball winning ticket
Co-workers got together and jointly bought one ticket and struck it rich.

California’s ‘Lucky Seven’
In November 2005, California's first Mega Millions jackpot win went to seven lucky ticket holders.

Andrew Whittaker, unlucky lottery winner
On Christmas day in 2002, businessman Andrew Whittaker won the highest Powerball jackpot at that time.

Geraldine Williams cleans up
In 2004, the second-largest jackpot to be awarded to a 68-year-old retired woman.

Robert and Tayne Harris vowed to "Live Happy"
A 47-year-old ironworker won Georgia's biggest prize in the state lottery’s history.

Oregon family split Powerball jackpot
It was the first time Steve West bought a lottery ticket and it paid off big for him and his father-in-law Bob Chaney.

New Jersey couple wins big in 2005 Mega Millions drawing
New Jersey couple Harold and Helen Lerner won big in the 2005 Mega Millions drawing.

How a $2 hot dog won Larry Ross millions
Michigan resident Larry Ross walked into a market for lunch, paying with a $100 bill and asked for change in lottery tickets. That change turned into millions for him, which he shared with another winner in 2000.

Largest single winner in a state lottery
In 2001, California resident Alcario Castellano received the record-winning amount in SuperLotto Plus lottery prizes.

Largest jackpot won at a Las Vegas slot machine
A 25-year-old man visiting this sports tournament got lucky at this famous hotel and casino.

Molaka'i woman turns $100 into $8.9 million
It took three hours and just under $100 for 71-year-old Amy Nishimura to strike gold.