BlackBerry services collapse in three continents

Posted by Shazy on Monday, October 10, 2011

BlackBerry services collapse in three continents
BlackBerry services collapse in three continents. Blackberry users in Africa, Europe and Asia have been cut off due to a fault at RIM, the Canada-based manufacturer of the popular device, the Telegraph reported on its website.

Millions of users were unable to connect to web services, use instant messaging or send e-mails.

A spokesman from RIM was not available for comment.

T-Mobile UK tweeted, “There is an issue with Blackberry services at present. RIM are investigating this at present," on its official Twitter account.

RIM's free instant messaging service BBM was cut off as well, a cause of particular annoyance to users. BBM is a major selling point for RIM, enabling customers to save on text messaging costs.

The service blackout is likely to pile further woe on RIM, which is under pressure from competitors such as Apple and Google in the smartphone market.

RIM's second quarter results had shown in September a sharp drop in profits and failure to meet sales targets.