Star Trek Stars: Where are they now

Posted by Shazy on Thursday, September 8, 2011

Star Trek Stars: Where are they now
 Star Trek Stars: Where are they now: Star Trek The show first aired on Sept. 8, 1966, Star Trek's 45th anniversary, of Star Trek, Generation Pop art gallery in Manchester city centre is hosting an exhibition of the official Star Trek fine art collection.
Fans from all over the country will be attending the invitation-only launch event on Friday in costume with a number of Star Trek artists also in attendance. The exhibition will be open to the public from the 9 September.
It is 45 years this week since the first episode featuring Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew hit the TV screens back in 1966.

Artwork being flown over Los Angeles and New York will include illustrative pieces from Ryan Church, Ryan created the concept artwork for the latest Star Trek film as well as Geoffrey Mandel who worked on almost all the Star Trek films and TV series, Geoffrey has created a map of the Star Trek Universe, limited to just 45 worldwide especially for the anniversary.

Nurse Chapel
Actress:Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (born Majel Leigh Hudec; February 23, 1932 December 18, 2008)
In "Star Trek's" original pilot episode, "Star Trek The Cage" she was second in command to Captain Pike Star Trek. After NBC requested changes, she played Nurse Chapel, under the command of Captain Kirk Character  on the USS Enterprise Star Trek.

Majel barrett's ashes sent into space. Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry August 19, 1921 October 24, 1991 was an American screenwriter and producer. He is best known as the creator of Star Trek, an American sci-fi series. He was sometimes called the "Great Bird of the Galaxy" because he helped start Star Trek. He was one of the first people to have his ashes "buried" in space.

Gene Roddenberry was born in El Paso, Texas in 1921. His parents were Eugene Edward Roddenberry and Caroline Glen. He grew up in Los Angeles, California, where his father worked in the police. He became interested in engineering and got a pilot's license. In 1941, he joined the United States Air Force. He flew many combat missions and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal.

After he left the military, he became a commercial pilot (which means he flew passenger aircraft) with Pan American World Airways. He then stopped flying in 1949 so he could write television shows. While writing he also worked in the police so he could provide for (look after) his family. In 1956, he quit his job as a policeman to write full time.

Roddenberry was married twice and had three children. He married Eileen Rexroat first, and they were married for 27 years. They had two daughters, Darlene (1947-1995) and Dawn (1953-). In the 1960s, he also started romantically seeing Nichelle Nichols and Majel Barrett (1932-2008). He divorced Rexroat and married Barrett in Japan in a traditional Shinto ceremony on August 6, 1969. They had a son, Eugene Wesley, Jr. Roddenberry's marriage to Barrett lasted until his death in 1991.

He died in 1991 of heart failure. He was 70 years old. In 1992, some of his ashes were sent into space on board the Space Shuttle Columbia. In 2012, some more of his ashes will be sent into space with his wife Majel's ashes.

Pavel ChekovWalter Marvin Koenig, Date of birth: September 14, 1936
Koenig's resemblance to a famous Monkee brought a youthful appeal to the show, while his character, Chekov, suggested the possibility of a "warmer" future relationship between his native Russia and America.

Pavel Chekov Character
Pavel Andreievich Chekov is a Russian Starfleet officer in the Star Trek fictional universe. Walter Koenig portrayed Chekov in the original Star Trek series and first seven Star Trek films; Anton Yelchin portrayed the character in the 2009 film Star Trek.

Walter Koenig suggests Babylon 5 returnWalter Koenig has suggested that Babylon 5 could return in some form. The actor told fans at a recent Las Vegas Star Trek convention that series creator J Michael Straczynski is in talks to revive the show. "He told me that he is in negotiations to re-acquire the rights to Babylon 5 and it looks pretty good," said Koenig, who played Bester on the sci-fi drama. Koenig added that it is currently unclear what form the new Babylon 5 will take. "It could be a new series or it could be a feature film, but [Straczynski] was quite animated about it," he said. "He seemed very excited. "Warner Brothers is dealing with him in good faith. So you might see another Babylon 5 in the not too distant future." Babylon 5 originally aired on now-defunct network PTEN from 1994 to 1997 and on TNT for a final fifth season in 1998. The series also spawned six television films and short-lived spinoff series Crusade.

Gene Rodenberry
Gene Roddenberry(Aug. 19, 1921 – Oct. 24, 1991) The decorated war veteran, Gene Roddenberry flew a B-17 Flying Fortress in World War 2, turned police officer ,for city Los Angeles, California, found a career writing for a number of cop shows before creating the sci-fi hit that made him famous.

Ashes gene roddenberry space
Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry (August 19, 1921 – October 24, 1991) was an American television screenwriter, producer and futurist, best known for creating the American science fiction series Star Trek. Born in El Paso, Texas, Roddenberry grew up in Los Angeles, California where his father worked as a police officer. Roddenberry flew 89 combat missions in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II, and worked as a commercial pilot after the war. He later followed in his father's footsteps, joining the Los Angeles Police Department to provide for his family, but began focusing on writing scripts for television.

Dr. Elizabeth DehnerSally Claire Kellerman, Date of birth: June 2, 1937
In the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before Star Trek " Kellerman plays Dr. Elizabeth Dehner Star Trek, a psychiatrist who develops extra-human abilities while passing beyond the Galactic Barrier. Captain Kirk Character attempts to quarantine her and his friend, Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell, but things go wrong, star trek where no man has gone before.

Sally Kellerman 90210
Sally Clare Kellerman born June 2, 1937 is an American actress and singer known for her role as Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan in the film MASH (1970), for which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Maj. Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan in MASH 1970

EleenJulie Newmar Eleen Real name: Julia Chalene Newmeyer, Date of birth: August 16, 1933
Best known as the feline nemesis; catwoman julie newmar, of a '60s TV hero, Adam West Batman, Newmar guest-starred as Eleen character star trek a pregnant alien princess on the episode "Friday's Child Star Trek," and has been seen at many "Star Trek" conventions, Julie Newmar Star Trek Conventions since.
Julie newmar jim belushi feud, julie newmar estate developer
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Edith Keeler
Collins guest-starred in the Hugo Award winning episode "The City on the Edge of Forever.", The city on the edge of forever star trek. A time-traveling Dr. McCoy, Leonard 'Bones' McCoy star trek, saves Keeler's, Edith Keeler Character Star Trek, life, which leads to the Nazis winning World War II.
Joan collins' fix a broken britain

Captain Kirk
He played Captain James T. Kirk, the intense leader of the Starship Enterprise (middle name james tiberius kirk). His charismatic machismo helped define "Star Trek's" formidable leader.

Roberta Lincoln
Garr played the youthful secretary Roberta Lincoln star trek character in the spy-themed episode "Assignment: Earth star trek ," in which she was recruited by a futuristic Gary Seven star trek and his mysterious black cat star trek character Isis, Assignment: Earth a Pilot for spin off series.
Last movie Expired, Speedbumps: Flooring It through Hollywood

In the episode star trek "That Which Survives," she played Losira Character Star Trek, the seductive guardian of an abandoned space outpost.
Lee meriwether star trek convention

Yeoman Janice Rand
She had a recurring role as Yeoman Janice Rand, assistant to Captain Kirk Character, with whom she shared an underlying chemistry that made itself known throughout the series. She would go on to appear in a number of "Star Trek's" many films and series over the years, +Grace Lee Whitney star trek filmography
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II Grace Lee Whitney

Mr. Spock
He played Mr. Spock Character, who was the only crew member to have green blood and what "Leonard 'Bones' McCoy star trek" called "perfect brain waves." He went on to star in and direct a number of the "Star Trek" films. Leonard Nimoy star trek filmography.
Leonard Nimoy Retires

Mr. Sulu
Takei played Hikaru Sulu Character, whose Japanese lineage, Hikaru Sulu Born in San Francisco, was a vital part of "Star Trek's" multiracial casting during the era of America's civil rights movement.
Latest TV role George Takei Supah Ninjas
Sulu Commands USS Excelsior

The former jazz singer portrayed Uhura and broke a cultural barrier with a famous onscreen kiss with Captain Kirk. She went on to star in a number of the "Star Trek" movies, nichelle nichols scooby-doo senator.
Most recent role Nichelle nichols scooby-doo senator