Life expectancy by country 2011

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life expectancy by country 2011
Life expectancy by country 2011. According to the CIA, residents of the United States just don't live as long as people from other countries. The American diet, with meals like these, may be one of the contributing causes.

Want to find out who's going to be around for longer? Scroll through this list of the top 20 countries where life expectancy is the longest.
Rank: No. 20

Bermuda, a British territory in the Atlantic Ocean, is a popular vacation spot for many. A low infant mortality rate and a good health care system help keep the life expectancy for Bermudians high.
Rank: No. 19

This British territory, located in the Caribbean is a popular honeymoon spot. Although small, those that live in the country live a long time.
Rank: No. 18

Low pollution, a low infant mortality rate and a good health care system, largely paid for by taxes, help contribute to a high life expectancy for the people of Iceland
Rank: No. 17

Perhaps one of the more surprising countries to make the list, Israel's health care system contributes to its high life expectancy.
Rank: No. 16

Sweden's health care system, where the population has equal access to services, and the low tobacco use of its people help contribute to people living longer.
Rank: No. 15

Switzerland's low infant mortality rate and universal health care contribute to the high life expectancy of its people.
Rank: No. 14

Do those daily siestas add to the life expectancy of the people of Spain? Possibly. A decreased infant mortality rate also helps
Rank: No. 13

The average life expectancy for women in France helps bring up the average for the entire country, since French men don't live as long
Rank: No. 12

Canada's health care system adds to the high life expectancy of its people. The average lifespan for women is also quite a bit longer than men, helping to raise the country's overall average.
Jersey Island
Rank: No. 11

This small island a British Crown Dependency, has a low infant mortality rate adding to the longer lives of its people.
Rank: No. 10

A slow-paced lifestyle, especially by the people of the Marche region, seems to contribute to high life expectancy for Italians. Fresh, organic food may also be a factor.
Rank: No. 9

A universal health care system (read more) and a decrease in a deady habit lands Australia on this list.
Hong Kong
Rank: No. 8

Although Hong Kong's pollution level is high residents eat healthy and exercise often adding years to their lives.
Republic of Singapore
Rank: No. 7

Singapore is a wealthy nation and their health care system offers additional support for the elderly.
Rank: No. 6

Guernsey, a British Crown Dependency in the English Channel, is an extremely wealthy island. Residents eat well and have access to good health care.
Rank: No. 5

Japan has a very low obesity rate as most people dine on vegetables, fish, rice and noodles
Rank: No. 4
Andorra located between Spain and France is No. 4 on the list, based on the Andorrans diet and the fact that they get plenty of exercise.
San Marino
Rank: No. 3

This small European state has a very low child mortality rate. Residents also tend to work in offices rather than in heavy industry, which impacts lifespan.
Rank: No. 2

Macau a former Portuguese settlement has a strong health care system, which helps it land high on the list.
Rank: No. 1

Monaco the world's second-smallest country, lands in the No. 1 spot. The people of Monaco are typically wealthy, eat a healthy Mediterranean diet and have low stress.

Source: msn