Celebrity causes

Posted by Shazy on Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrity causes
Celebrity causes From a teen idol to a former president, stars can really illuminate a worthy cause. Basketball star Yao Ming, the tallest NBA player, was recently honored at a charity gala for his efforts to help reduce the consumption of shark fin soup in his home country . See what other causes celebrities endorse.
 Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore
“Real men don’t buy girls” is the crux of the Demi & Ashton Foundation crusade against child sex slavery launched by the movie stars this month. Check out their PSA. This real man pop star agrees. Watch his video campaign.
This U2 vocalist is a performer and philanthropist best known for the ONE Campaign, which fights against poverty and disease. The grassroots organization is named for the hit from one of his popular albums
 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
Superstars and super parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie  are another celebrity couple loaded with causes; his, hers and theirsTheir efforts benefit a medical humanitarian organization and a justice for children network. One wonders how they find the time to make movies and still sizzle on the red carpet.
 Sean Penn
Sean Penn won the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of an activist in a 2008 biopic, but the hands-on humanitarian has been in Haiti  since the devastating 2010 earthquake running two refugee camps
 Demi Lovato
A teen star since her blockbuster Disney films with a mega boy band ,actress and singer Demi Lovato has turned her attention to bigger causes as a spokesperson for an anti-bullying organization. She recently underwent a very public personal struggle.
 George Clooney
People Magazine has twice named him “Sexiest Man Alive” but his off-screen title is United Nations Messenger of Peace. His goal is to end the conflict in Darfur through his coalition and documentary “Sand and Sorrow”
 Salma Hayek
This Mexican-born actress  is known for her beauty but her foundation works to end violence against women and supports immigrant rights. She plans to release her own anti-aging skincare product.
 Ray Allen
This Boston Celtics shooter brings a Ray of Hope to more than just basketball fans. Allen, who on the court just broke a record, helps students develop a love for reading off the court.
 Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova was just 17 when her Wimbledon win made her the World’s No. 1 tennis player.Still in the top ten, she’s a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations on the anniversary of a disaster in her homeland.
 Theo Epstein
Theo Epstein became youngest General Manager in Major League Baseball history, and helped the Boston Red Sox break a legendary World Series curse. His unusually named foundation helps various organizations raise funds through Hot Stove Cool Music events.
 Ashley Judd
This actress is active as a global ambassador on behalf of an AIDS education and prevention program. Her new memoir  reveals a painful past, including sexual abuse.
 Justin Bieber
Pop star Justin Bieber  is only a teenager  but he’s already earned a Power of Youth award for his support of an organization that build schools in the developing world. Some credit his musical mentor for guiding his philanthropy.
 Oprah Winfrey
Oprah is well-known for audience generosity  during her daytime television program.But her philanthropy goes far beyond that as she has been named the most charitable celebrity in the world by this magazine. She gives away millions every year through many different charities, including her own.
 Bill Clinton
What does the youngest living former U.S. president do after the White House? Clinton continues to establish humanitarian efforts on a global scale, from a university to engage the next generation of leaders to an annual summit as part of Clinton Global Initiative and a foundation, which mobilized to aid a recent natural disaster.
 Ben Affleck
Meeting a boy with a rare genetic disease drew Affleck’s support to this children-oriented organization. On a global scale he’s launched the East Congo Initiative to build support for the Congolese people. Watch Affleck’s recent testimony to Congress for the cause.
 Sheryl Crow
Pop/country star and breast cancer survivor Sheryl Crow raises funds for cancer research. “If it makes you happy,” is still her biggest hit song. Her latest release is a cookbook, rather than an album but the title is familiar
 Matt Damon
Actor Matt Damon was a philanthropist inspired by a political leader long before he was a movie star. He’s co-founder of an organization that brings water to third world countries and is involved with a campaign against poverty.
 Betty White
Her showbiz career defines variety: game shows a soap opera, sitcoms  and a hit 2011 Super Bowl commercial .The constant is her support for animals, including sales from this 2011 pin-up calendar
 Paul Newman
This movie biography  tries to cover the personal and professional life of a Hollywood legend who died in 2008. Since 1982, Newman’s Own product line has donated more than $300,000 million to charities. This one was closest to his heart.
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston  stars with a funny man in her latest film.Off screen she supports Doctors without Borders, Hope for Haiti and a Tijuana orphanage.