Best April Fools Day Pranks

Posted by Shazy on Friday, April 1, 2011

Best April Fools Day Pranks

Best April Fools' Day pranks

Come April Fools' Day, follow that dollar bill at your own risk and be forewarned if you wake up with a face full of foam.

Birthday surprise
I gave a friend the spare keys to my truck and took my wife to dinner (her birthday is March 31 and I had to work). My friend took a jar of broken glass and made it look like someone stole my truck ... she liked dinner, didn't care much for the prank.

An awkward conversation

Since I was 18, I've always pranked someone close to me about me having a kid or getting a girl pregnant. Nothing like an awkward phone call with your dad talking about how the condom must have broken. Once I had been seriously dating a girl for about four weeks, and just after midnight I told her about my 3-year-old son, Peter, I had with my ex, and that I miss him and should go see him this weekend. Wait for her awkward reaction.

The wrong kind of turndown service

Short-sheeting my parents' bed. Tuck the top of the top sheet under the top of the mattress and then fold up the bottom to look like the top and bottom sheet. When they try to get in they will hit the fold and not be able to straighten out. It's priceless!

Dude, where's your car?

I replaced my boss' Ford Taurus with a rental car with the same color and features. It was a hoot to watch him go to the parking lot and try to start the car.

Easter Bunny prankster

The Easter Bunny did a 'practice run' on April Fools' Day for my 7-year-old daughter. She woke up to see our collection of plastic Easter eggs hidden all over her bedroom and the living room (empty, to her chagrin.) She was so surprised, and still claims the Easter Bunny fooled her!

A nozzle idea

Tape the button down on the kitchen faucet nozzle button. Aim the nozzle forward. Victim comes to use the faucet, and when they turn it on, the nozzle is activated and the victim gets sprayed with water.

Wrong number, Bert

Once I recruited a bunch of my friends to call my co-worker throughout the day asking for a certain person (Bert Williams) and attempting to leave messages for him. My co-worker politely told each one of them that it was the wrong number, but they all insisted that it was the correct number. Then at the end of the day, the last call was my friend, who said, 'Hi, this is Bert Williams. I'm calling to retrieve my messages.'''

April Fools', honey!

I had to take the kids to the dentist about 20 miles from our house. I called my husband at home and told him I had a flat tire along the way and all sorts of people were stopping to help. Of course he was not too pleased but said he would be right there. When he arrived and saw no flat tire, he was extremely not pleased. We all shouted, 'April Fools'!' Probably not the smartest thing to do at 7:30 a.m.

All play and no work

I pull this one every year on my boss. After he comes back from lunch, I give him a note to call Myra Mains. The phone number belongs to the morgue.

Neighborly care

My brother and I and two other friends went to a neighbor's farm late at night and dismantled their buggy, hauled it to the rooftop of their barn and then put it back together again. In the morning they saw their buggy on top of the barn roof.

Is that dish water I taste?

I baked my husband a cake. He asked what kind it was. I told him it was a sponge cake. When he went to get a slice, it was a bit tough to cut. Then as the cake started to fall apart I said, 'April Fools'.' He looked confused. I picked up the frosted sponge from the plate. I told him I use the same kind to wash dishes.

Voice command humor

I put an 'official' note on our color copier/scanner that it was now a voice-command-only system. People would now need to state their name and how many copies they would like as it would now only work with voice commands. Hard to not crack up when someone walks up to a machine and says, 'John Smith, two copies.' Best day ever!

Something's fishy

I filled a 5-gallon water jug halfway with water, put five goldfish in it, then plastic-wrapped and rubber-banded the end to seal. I put it on the water cooler so those going for a refill thought they were filling up with goldfish water.

Fooling the folks

My husband was hard at work installing software on his new laptop. My daughter, about 8 at the time, offered him a cup of water, but she intentionally tripped, spilling the entire contents of confetti all over his lap. To his surprise, the wet spot didn't come from her cup, if you know what I mean.

Wrap it in plastic

'You take clear plastic wrap and put it under the seat of a toilet. Next person comes in makes a big mess.'

A germaphobe's worst nightmare

My older sister is paranoid about germs, so on April 1 I snuck up behind her and with a little bit of tap water on my hand and pretended to sneeze on her while splashing the water on her neck. She immediately screeched; it was hilarious. She dashed screaming to the bathroom to wash her neck while I collapsed on the floor with laughter.

A chilly exit

During a family reunion, I took all the towels, rugs and anything else that can be used to cover up out of the bathroom while my uncle was in the shower, leaving him with nothing.

It doesn't hold water

Jacking up a friend's car, taking the wheels off, letting the air out of the tires and then filling them full of water -- it took a while. He could not for the life of him figure out what was wrong with his car. Of course we did not let him get too far. Come to think of it, he couldn't. Water does not compress.

Gullible reporter falls for office prank

I would leave co-workers a note to call Mr. Lyon and give them the number for the zoo. One of my victims decided to use the same prank on her husband, a TV news reporter. When he insisted that he needed to speak to Mr. Lyon, the person who answered the phone told him, 'I'm sorry, we took the phones out of the lions' cages years ago.'

She missed her flight

I had my friend take me to the airport for a flight to Mexico, but I really didn't have a flight. She was so mad at me, but I got a good laugh.'

Mousing around

I put a piece of paper over the eye of the computer mouse. It appears the cursor is stuck, till they figure it out. Heehee.

School of mischief

When my students weren't watching, I dialed my own number and hung up so my phone would ring. I answered it and began the following conservation: 'Yes, Mrs. Miller, the main water line broke and can't be fixed until tomorrow. Have the students ready to board buses by 9.' I hung up the phone to loud cheers from my students. I just smiled and said, 'April Fools'!' However, I was an open target the rest of the day.

A rude awakening

When I was about 5, my dad woke me up in the morning by excitedly telling me that there was a parade going by my window at that very moment. I jumped out of bed to see and found our short dead-end road empty. I was only disappointed long enough for him to tell me that my mom was still asleep and we could play tricks on her next!

Old news

I bought all the newspapers from a paper box. I saved them for a year. The next April 1, I replaced the day's papers with last year's.

No wonder they broke up

My ex-husband had a habit of putting his next day's work clothes out each night before going to bed. I went in his bathroom after he was asleep on March 31 and sewed shut the fly on his shorts. He wasn't aware of it until he made his first pit stop on April 1. A few years later, we got a divorce.

Funny money

I bought a lottery ticket with the winning numbers from the night before, then replaced my co-worker's ticket inside his desk. When he checked his ticket against the morning paper, he thought he had won the lotto!