Mattel's Ken doll turns 50

Posted by Shazy on Monday, March 7, 2011

Mattel's Ken doll turns 50

Ken, Barbie's smiling, compliant boyfriend through decades of political, societal and cultural changes, turns 50 this week, Denver museum historians note.

Historians at the Lakewood Heritage Center, a museum exploring the 20th century, say they will hold a party Friday for Mattel's 12-inch boy-toy, complete with cake and punch for the public, The Denver Post reported Sunday.

The museum notes how Ken has evolved with changing times.

"You can see how Ken changed over the years," said Jeff Fields, who runs the shop for Lakewood. "He was a skinny, tall dude at first. In the 1980s, he was scruffy and more buff. Now he's blond and blue-eyed again."

Mattel had Barbie break it off with Ken in 2004, designing a new beau, Aussie boogie boarder Blaine. But not to be outdone, Ken underwent a Hollywood makeover, and, with cunning and guile as shown in the 2010 film "Toy Story 3," won her back, the Post said.

"For nearly five decades, Ken has been Barbie's perfect arm candy," Mattel said in a news release.

Source: Upi