Lady Gaga Real Name

Posted by Shazy on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lady Gaga Real Name
Lady Gaga’s Birthday Reveals Her Real Name And A Strange Birthday Cake
Yesterday was Lady Gaga’s 25th birthday. What has stumped most of her fans is what her real name is. Search terms like “lady gaga real name” and “what is lady gaga’s real name” spiked to record levels during her birthday. All her fans would have to do is a Google search and Wikipedia would bring it up for them as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Lady Gaga got her stage name in a weird way. According to her producer, Rob Fusari, he sent her a text and meant to put Radio Ga Ga. The text auto corrected itself from Radio to Lady. When Gaga got the text she loved it and the rest is history.

Another spotlight for Lady Gaga’s birthday was when Ellen DeGeneres called her up to wish her a happy birthday. Ellen had a truly Gaga style cake made. This sucker had Kermit the frog, two humongous bows, smoking cvc pipes, and some crown thing on top. Ellen said it could be a hat, a dress, or whatever she wanted to wear it as. Lady Gaga was thrilled. I hope she had a great birthday.

Watch the video of Ellen’s cake below.