Ken Doll 50th Birthday

Posted by Shazy on Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ken Doll 50th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ken

Barbie's main man just turned 50, so let's take a look at how Ken has evolved through the years -- from his vintage days to more recent times.

Ken's doll debut

He came on the scene all grown up in 1961, but do you know where he met Barbie?

Ken doll bio

Ken's last name is not Doll. Do you know what it is?

Ken doll pals

Ken has a few buddies. Do you know their names?

Ken doll hairstyles

Does Ken ever have a bad hair day? What was his hair originally made of?

Ken doll Olympics

Ken was apparently a brilliant athlete. Do you know how many gold medals he won in 1976?

Cool Shavin' Ken

Ken shows off his macho side. Don't mess with him. How did he suddenly get this facial hair, anyway?

Sunsational Malibu Ken

The first African-American Ken can be seen as a milestone in American culture. Do you know what year he was introduced?

Earring Magic Ken

Ken broke through more boundaries in 1993 when he got earrings. Why was he taken off the market?

Harley-Davidson Ken

Here's one Ken you don't want to mess with: a bandanna, tattoos and an attitude. Do you know what year he rode into town?

Ken doll baby brother

By 1997, when Ken was 36, his brother arrived on the toy scene. Do you remember his name?

Ken doll relationship status

Did Ken and Barbie ever break up? Say it ain't so!

Ken doll celebrity makeover

Ken got a celebrity makeover by a celebrity stylist in 2006. Do you know who that stylist was?

Ken and Barbie reunite

Relationships can be hard, even if you're plastic. But don't tell that to Ken. What did he say about his own plastic-ness?

Ken doll big-screen debut

Ken has been famous for 50 years, but only recently did he make his silver-screen debut. Do you know what film?
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