Hollywood Photo Leaks

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hollywood Photo Leaks
 Hollywood Photo Leaks
New rule: If you don’t want anyone to see racy photos of you, don’t take them in the first place. Vanessa Hudgens had yet another set of photos leaked on the Internet recently. She’s just one of many celebs who have wound up showing the world a lot more of themselves than they probably ever intended.

This pop charts queen has contended with two major photo leaks in the last two years: a set of nude photos leaked in 2009, plus a police photo taken after her then-boyfriend was arrested and charged with assaulting her.
 Miley Cyrus
She’s over 18 now, and there are rumors about nude photos, but they’re always proven fake. The photos that have leaked are mostly goofily posed underwear shots. The video leak of her smoking salvia was big news, even though it’s legal.
 Christina Aguilera
A set of racy photos leaked in early December 2010 showed the pop star in various states of undress in the walk-in closet of her home. She reported that the photos were hacked from her stylist’s phone. See other photos of Christina.
 Chris Brown
He took a nude photo of himself, sent it to someone and then was surprised that it got leaked. Hmmmm. Even the press thinks the timing is fishy, with his new album about to drop.
 Gretchen Rossi
This Real Housewife of Orange County took a lot of flack on the show for being a party girl, so when embarrassing photos of her topless, on a toilet, and doing other unmentionable things got leaked, there weren’t exactly shockwaves. See other photos of her.
 Demi Lovato
This Disney darling went to rehab, so maybe that will prevent embarrassing photo leaks from happening again. The racy photos show the teen star posing provocatively in her bra with friends. Watch her music videos.
 Megan Fox
She’s been a victim of photo leaks twice, once when a friend sold topless shots of her to the tabloids and again when nude photos leaked of her on the set of this movie. She responded that she was “furious.” She’s married to this former ‘90210’ star.
 Ashley Greene
Perhaps best known for her role in a vampire film series, or for previously dating a teen pop star, she got some unwelcome attention when nude pics started showing up on the Internet. She has threatened legal action against anyone who posts them, and the source is unknown.
Graphic photos showing the singer having sex were leaked online and to the press. Ke$ha has since denied that she is the woman in the photos, which was of course after they lit up the Internet for a few days. Listen to her music here.
 Amy Winehouse
In a leaked video, the embattled singer who said, “No, no, no,” to rehab was allegedly seen smoking crack and commenting that she had taken six Valium tablets. More recently, she appears to have finally kicked her bad habits.
 Britney Spears
Topless photos of Britney from the set of her “Gimme More” video were reportedly leaked by a former bodyguard. They were pretty tame, considering some of the skin she’s shown in other pictures.
 Nick and Vanessa
When he and now wife-to-be Vanessa Minnillo were once vacationing in Mexico, the paparazzi caught them as they sunbathed au naturel.
 Carrie Prejean
Perhaps known best for her stance on this hot-button issue, this beauty queen was incensed when topless photos of her leaked onto the Internet. She claimed she was being persecuted for her beliefs and called the leak an act of intimidation. She’s married to this quarterback, and expecting her first child in May.
Racy photos of the rap star were leaked online in 2010, and she called the FBI over what were apparently photos taken from her stolen phone.
Jamie Foxx
So, he took a picture of himself fully naked in front of a bathroom mirror with his own camera, and somehow it got leaked online. The star was not happy about it, asking it be taken down and said it was taken in connection with a movie role. No word on how it got leaked in the first place.

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