Fight erupts over spaghetti in subway

Posted by Shazy on Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fight erupts over spaghetti in subway
NYC Subway Fistfight Erupts Over Woman Eating Spaghetti
A woman on a New York City subway train, enjoying some take-out spaghetti, was harassed by another passenger who thought it ill-mannered to dine in an underground train car. Someone began videoing mid-argument. It’s difficult to hear the video, but here is roughly what happened:

“What kind of animals eat on the train like that?” says the woman across the aisle.

The diner snaps back with an epithet, and the exchange quickly degenerates into a fistfight.

“Chill out!” shouts a man as he tries to pull apart the two combatants…

Some New York commuters called for a subway system ban on food, like the ones enforced in Washington, San Francisco and other cities. The Port Authority Trans-Hudson trains, which run between New York and New Jersey, already prohibit eating.

Given the range of activities in the subway, munching on food should be the least worry. Most troublesome are the comments under the video at YouTube, which re-enforces how much bigotry still exists.