Famous April birthdays

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Famous April birthdays

Famous April birthdays

Singers, actors, directors, politicians, athletes and comedians are among those celebrities with birthdays in the month of April, and to celebrate, we reveal some interesting facts about them. Find out which of your favorite stars are celebrating  birthdays this week.
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Kristen Stewart
Tony Danza
Carol Burnett

April 1 birthdays
Susan Boyle

Scottish plain Jane singing sensation Susan Boyle is giving up her favorite treats for a good cause this year. Find out which actress is set to portray the “Britain’s Got Talent” star in a biopic.
This former reality star is best known as the always-wrong dad on a popular reality series, but after months of unemployment he can now be seen wielding some new tools.

April 2 birthdays
Jack Webb

Also known by an alias, Jack Webb solved crimes as a dedicated police detective on a classic TV series.
This veteran actress won an Academy Award for her role in a 1982 political thriller about a love affair. She is overseeing crime scene investigations on a series spinoff.

April 3 birthdays
Jennie Garth

Actress Jennie Garth, who is married to a “Twilight” hunk, is best known for her role as bad girl-turned good Kelly Taylor on a long-running 1990s teen drama series. What’s she up to now?
Gravely-voiced showdowns are a part of business for this actor’s funny character on a spoof series. Is he leaving the show?

April 4 birthdays
Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr. is a despicable father-to-be in his newest film, but he will be saving lives again in the third installment of a superhero franchise. Also, look for the actor in a new book-to-film project.
The little sister of a big star, this former Nickelodeon actress damaged her role-model status when she made headlines for an underage tryst.

April 5 birthdays
Paula Cole

Paula Cole rose to fame with a 1997 alternative single, which earned her a coveted award the following year.
This rocker is known for his Hendrix-esque guitar leads for a hugely popular grunge-rock band.  The musician, who suffers from an autoimmune disease, made this list.

April 6 birthdays
Zach Braff

Zach Braff played a bumbling doc on a medical comedy series and made his directorial debut with an indie coming of age hit starring a future Oscar winner.
This former actress dished out sisterly advice on a 1990s family sitcom. The mother of three recently opened up about a personal struggle.

April 7 birthdays
Janis Ian

Singer-songwriter Janis Ian won a 1975 Grammy Award for a song about adolescence from her album “Between the Lines”.
This acrobatic actor and cultural icon reprised a famous role in a 2010 remake. He will star in his 100th film this year.

April 8 birthdays
Julian Lennon

The elder son of a late musical legend, Julian Lennon’s birth was kept secret from the public. Was he omitted from his famous father’s will?
This actress played a mother with special powers on a supernatural TV show and was once married to a money-troubled action star.

April 9 birthdays
Kristen Stewart

Actress Kristen Stewart has played everything from a blood-suckers main squeeze to an infamous rocker. She’s in talks to star in a new fantasy film based on a classic fairy tale.
This actor was married to America’s sweetheart and recently portrayed a U.S. president in a 2010 HBO film about British-American relations.

April 10 birthdays
Steven Seagal

Action star Steven Seagal is a skilled marital artist who rose to fame in the 1990s with his role as counter-terrorist Casey Ryback in a blockbuster film series. Now, he is keeping law and order for real.
This actress wowed at the Academy Awards with her fairy tale-inspired gown – not to mention a song from an animated movie based on a fairy tale.

April 11 birthdays
Lisa Stansfield

English singer-songwriter Lisa Stansfield was the lead singer of a band she formed with her husband and she hit it big in the late 1980s with a worldly love song.
This actor played an ex-con delivery man on a series about strong business women.

April 12 birthdays
David Letterman

Late-night host David Letterman is still quick with the quips coming up on the age of 64, but he was also caught up in a sex and blackmail scandal.
This actress has come a long way from her doe-eyed character on a coming of age series. She is getting accolades for her role as an autistic woman.

April 13 birthdays
Rick Schroder

As a child, Rick Schroder became a star in a sitcom about a rich family. He starred in a Western mini-series and had a recent guest spot on a show about superheroes.
This musician became famous for a one-hit-wonder that sampled a song from the 1950s.

April 14 birthdays
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar kicked supernatural butt on a teen drama series and went on to star in a scary movie.
He is an Oscar winner who made headlines when accepting his statuette. 

April 15 birthdays
Seth Rogen

Seth Rogan made being a nerd cool in a short-lived TV series about outcasts and a hit movie. Now, he’s a superhero.
As a bookish witch this British actress knows all the right spells, but she recently dropped a more traditional education at an Ivy League institution.

April 16 birthdays
Ellen Barkin

Veteran actress Ellen Barkin has starred in many successful films, including a noir crime thriller. She got a large chunk of change from her 2006 divorce.
Previously known for his plucky character in a 1980s film, this actor recently responded to his former co-star’s nasty allegations.

April 17 birthdays
Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has become a fashion icon and is well-known for her marriage to a superstar athlete and their growing brood.
This actress is the ultimate girl next door and is married to a hunky actor/director. Look for her in a new comedy about a dairy product.

April 18 birthdays
Search: Conan O’Brien

After a late-night debacle that spawned a legendary feud, comedian Conan O’Brien finally landed a show on a cable channel and inspired a movement.
She got into mischief as a teen witch and broke the fourth wall in a Nickelodeon series.

April 19 birthdays
Kate Hudson

Golden-haired actress Kate Hudson is pregnant with a rocker’s child.
This quirky actor was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of a brave risk-taker. Then he awkwardly co-hosted this huge Hollywood event.

April 20 birthdays
Colin Powell

Colin Powell is a retired four-star general in the United States Army who served an important role under a controversial president.
This stage and screen star kick-started her career with a monstrous 1976 remake and starred in a recent biographical film.

April 21 birthdays
Tony Danza

He found love through domestic chores on TV, but the former “Taxi” star recently filed for divorce.
After some modeling, this actress lived the same day over and over again with a legendary funny man in a 1993 holiday film.

April 22 birthdays
Sherri Shepherd

Comedian and actress Sherri Shepherd rose to fame on a TV series about office shenanigans before she became a co-host of a daytime show.
This celebrated actor is known for his chilling character in a classic horror movie and as a scary mob boss in a crime thriller.

April 23 birthdays
Lee Majors

Lee Majors is a TV icon known for his role as a bionic ex-astronaut and was married to a fallen angel.
This former child star went from being “The Little Princess” to United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

April 24 birthdays
Barbra Streisand

Academy Award-winner Barbra Streisand’s latest film project has fallen through, but look for the stage and screen star in a road trip comedy next year.
This aptly-named comedian is a King of Comedy and is best known for his role on a sitcom about teachers.

April 25 birthdays
Al Pacino

Everyone knows not to mess with Al Pacino, who famously portrayed a mobster in a legendary film series. His role as a blind retired Army officer earned him an Academy Award.
She played a desperate-to-be-loved Brit and a sweet single mom. Now her real love life with a “Hangover” star is officially off.

April 26 birthdays
Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett earned respect as a comedienne with her own sketch comedy show that aired for 11 years. She guest starred in a popular musical TV show last year.
 “Wild One” propelled this singer to teen idol status in the 1960s, but he suffered public humiliation when he was arrested in 2009.

April 27 birthdays
Casey Kasem

Disc jockey Casey Kasem handled requests and dedication as the host of a popular syndicated radio program.
This Scottish musician has often collaborated with this pop king on musical endeavors.

April 28 birthdays
Penelope Cruz

Spanish actress and new mother Penelope Cruz will battle pirates in her next film.
He is a late-night performer who has a penchant for classic cars and was a celebrity witness during a high-profile trial.

April 29 birthdays
Andre Agassi

Tennis pro Andre Agassi is one of three players to achieve an impressive career stat. He retired after suffering major health woes.
This tall, blond actress is best known for her roles in films by a noted director, including a two-part action film about a revenge-seeking bride.

April 30 birthdays
Dianna Agron

Georgia native Dianna Agron was on a teen crime-solving series before she became a member of William McKinley’s glee club.
This legendary country crooner was busted last year. It wasn’t the first time the 77-year-old has had a run in with the law.