Celebrities Who Played Sports

Posted by Shazy on Friday, March 25, 2011

Celebrities Who Played Sports
Sports-Playing Celebrities
The NCAA Tournament brings “One Shining Moment” for most college hoopsters. But for these famous folks, their amateur sports days were only the beginning.

Denzel Washington
The Oscar winner played a football coach in “Remember the Titans,” but played this sport at Fordham University.
Tom Selleck
The “Magnum, P.I.” star played basketball well enough to earn a scholarship to this California university.
Lil Romeo
The actor/rapper attended the University of Southern California on a basketball scholarship before becoming a “Dancing with the Stars” contestant.
President George W. Bush
The former president played rugby for his Ivy League alma mater during his college days.
Kirk Douglas
The actor earned an Oscar nomination for his role as a boxer in this film, but it was his moves on the mat that won him a scholarship to St. Lawrence University.
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
Before you could smell what The Rock was cookin’, you could watch him tackle opponents on the field for this college football team.
Britney Spears
Somewhere between her Disney years and her bald years, the Kentwood, Louisiana, native found time to play basketball for her high school.
President Gerald Ford
Chevy Chase spoofed Ford’s pratfalls on “Saturday Night Live”, but in reality the 38th president was a star college football player.
Tina Fey
The “30 Rock” star played high school tennis before she became famous for spoofing Sarah Palin.
Jim Caviezel
The “Passion of the Christ” star began acting after he was injured playing basketball for Bellevue Community College.
Sheryl Crow
The musician was an all-star track athlete at her high school in Kennett, Missouri.
Boris Kodjoe
The “Soul Food” star attended Virginia Commonwealth University on a tennis scholarship.
Emma Watson
The hugely popular “Harry Potter” star found time to play field hockey for her English high school.
Dean Cain
Before playing Superman, the actor was a football star at an Ivy League school.
Gwen Stefani
The super-fit “Hollaback Girl” singer said she joined her high school swim team to lose weight.
Jon Stewart
Before kicking politicians around on “The Daily Show,” the comedian kicked around a soccer ball for the College of William and Mary.