Woman gives birth to grandson

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A 61-year-old lady in Chicago has given birth to her own grandson.

Kristine Casey offered to be a surrogate for her daughter Sara Connell after she found herself unable to have children of her own. The baby boy, who has been called Finnean, was born at a hospital in Chicago, Illnois. Finnean's biological parents are Mr and Mrs Connell. However he was delivered by his grandmother, Ms Casey. Mrs Casey, a mother-of-three who last gave birth 30 years ago, said she was grateful to be able to help her daughter. "The three of the happiest days of my life were giving birth to my daughters," she said, "and I thought I could choose to do this for someone I love." Mrs Casey underwent numerous tests to evaluate her medical and psychological condition, as specified by Illinois law on surrogate births. She fell pregnant after a second course of IVF treatment and gave birth to Finnean after 39 weeks.

Mrs Connell, a 35-year-old lecturer, admitted that she could not contain her emotion when her son was born. "I lost it," she said. "It's such a miracle."

She had also tried IVF treatment, but had delivered stillborn twins, and later suffered a miscarriage.