Weirdest Job Titles in the World

Posted by Shazy on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weirdest job titles
How about adding chicken sexer or bacon-skin lifter to your résumé?
Good jobs are tough to come by in this economy, but the titles of certain positions may discourage all but the most hard-core applicants. Here are twenty of the oddest job titles we’ve found. Imagine these on a business card.
Chick Sexer
You can be a player with the chicks, but it is not as glamorous as you might think. There is a growing field for someone who can spend all day sexing. 
Tumor Registrar
This may seem like an odd title, but the work is critical and it’s a career path open to anyone with an Associate’s Degree. 
Best Boy
Sounds like a best man alternative for your wedding, but this field could be your ticket to a behind-the-scenes job in Hollywood. 
Bacon Skin Lifter
The rise of bacon consumption has been a national phenomenon, and jobs in this field are open to anyone, even vegetarians. Just don't check the nutrition facts. 
Pet Food Taster
When pet food commercials claim that it “tastes great,” how can you be sure?  Pet food companies entrust Fido’s palate to their Pet Food Tasters.  It can be rewarding, if you can get past the whole eating pet food thing. 
Hooker Inspector
You’ll do a lot better in this career in New York and Chicago, and though it is not the world’s oldest profession, there is some hooking involved.  
Golf Ball Diver
Every job has its hazards, but this one has you diving right into them! Find out what’s par for the course in this exciting (but often seasonal) field. 
Professional Whistler
That’s “Whistler,” not “Wrestler.”  Some people can emit ear-splitting whistles with fingers in their mouths, others do it in front of fascinated audiences, and some whistling can save your life. 
Bat Cave Scavenger
It’s a bona fide dirty job, with no Batmobile or caped crusader to help you out.  But can you get filthy rich doing it? 
Tonsorial Artist
A good example of how language changes over time is how this position has changed over the years. It doesn’t have as much to do with the mouth as you might think. 
Flatcar Whacker
Who hasn’t wanted a job where you get to do some whacking (I don’t mean Tony Soprano) ? This is a hands-on job and may be turning into a lost art, but for now they still need whackers. 
Your first idea about this might have something to do with cyberspace, but guess again. It’s not about coughing either, though you do work with your hands and could get hurt. 
Wax-Ball Knock-out Worker
Maybe the Flatcar Whacker job got filled and you still have a desire to hit things with a stick and get paid for it. You may not get to meet the important folks who benefit from your work, but you’ll still get paid. 
Cake Stripper
Put these two words together and you might think of scenes from bachelor parties, but this is G-rated work and besides, the cake is not for you. 
It’s not about taking the fizz out of bottled water or stopping those bubble machines from doing their thing, but you are a vital cog in this machinery! 
Bed Rubber
This job has nothing to do with places to sleep. If you can work with stone, abrasives and grinding machines, you may have a possible career change. 
Vibrating Screed Operator
To vibrate is to move back and forth rapidly. A screed is a long tedious speech or piece of writing. Combine the two and you still have no idea what this job entails.
Last Putter-Away 
Who’s naming some of these jobs, the people who use words like thingamajig and whatchamacallit? Perhaps, but when the last shoe drops, this worker will be there. 
Master Sniffer
The nose knows, or so they say. And this person’s job is to help other people avoid unpleasant odorsconfined environment. 
Horse Identifier 
So this stud walks into a bar…the truth is a lot of horses look alike and not just anyone can figure out who’s Secretariat and who’s Mr. Ed. It takes skill.