Twitter Celebrity Death Rumors

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

 Death by Twitter

Charlie Sheen was recently hit with a death hoax. Who else supposedly died in '10?

Aretha Franklin
The thankfully premature news of Aretha Franklin's death spread across Twitter this week. (Maybe some confused her with another queen of soul?) Franklin is not the first victim of Twitter death rumors this year.

Charlie Sheen
He may be going through a divorce and had a run-in with police earlier this year, but the "Two and a Half Men" star is still alive and kicking.

Adam Sandler
Despite rumors to the contrary, the jabbering funnyman is still around to make more hilarious videos.

Aaron Carter
The former teen pop star used Twitter to respond to rumors of his death on Twitter.

The Game
The former G-Unit rapper had to dispel Twitter rumors of his early demise this summer.

Russell Crowe
The Australian actor had a hilarious response to rumors that he had died earlier this year.

Taylor Lautner
His character in a vampire movie series has made it through alive, but the heartthrob had to deal with people thinking he was dead off-screen.

Justin Bieber
The tween pop sensation has been killed off by the Internet a few times this year.

Bobby Brown
The R&B singer called a radio station to confirm he was still alive earlier this year.

Bill Cosby
The 73-year-old comedian has dodged death rumors several times this year.

Morgan Freeman
A Twitter user faked a CNN tweet saying the very much alive "Shawshank Redemption" actor had died.

Keith Sweat
The R&B singer, whose popularity peaked in the late '80s, is not only not dead, he released a new album this year.

Lindsay Lohan
The former child star has had her share of troubles, but she's still alive in a California rehab facility, despite Twitter rumors.

James Avery
The "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star was not amused when rumors of his death spread across the Internet.

Tom Kenny
The actor, best known as the voice of a sea-living spongy yellow guy, has endured several death rumors just this year.

B.B. King
Despite rumors of his death, the blues legend is still touring with his famous guitar at the age of 85.