Miss America pageant

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Miss America pageant
 The Miss America pageant is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, and many former winners will be attending the festivities. We're taking a look all the way back to 1980 to find out what happened to the pageant queens.
Miss America 1980
Then: Cheryl Prewitt overcame a childhood tragedy to become Miss America.

Miss America 1981

Then: Susan Powell  was an opera singer.

Miss America 1982

Then: Elizabeth Ward reportedly wore a gown made from a tablecloth and used her pageant money to study acting.
Now: Since then, she went on to have an acting career, appeared on the cover of Playboy and claimed she had a one-night stand with a future U.S. president. 

Miss America 1983

Then: Debra Maffett  had been in TV.

Miss America 1984

Then: Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America before losing her crown due to a nude photo scandal.

Now: She married an NBA star , and became a successful TV and movie actress and singer

Then: Suzette Charles  took over Miss America duties after Vanessa Williams relinquished her crown.

Now: She became an actress and singer  and began a friendship with a controversial boxer.

Miss America 1985

Then: Sharlene Wells  was the only foreign-born Miss America and played the harp.
Now: She later became a sports reporter . Find out what she does now. Follow her on Twitter.

Miss America 1986

Then: Miss Mississippi Susan Akin  had to contend with her family's connection to an infamous civil rights murder case. The case was turned into a movie
Now: She now lives in a small town in Tennessee. Find out how she's handled post-pageant life.

Miss America 1987

Then: Kellye Cash , the grandniece of a famous country singer, was a singer like her great-uncle.
Now: She portrayed another famous singer on tour and is active in a political party.

Miss America 1988

Then: Kaye Lani Rae Rafko used her reign to advocate for hospice programs.
Now: She appeared in a Michael Moore documentary. Find out what she does for a living.

Miss America 1989

Then: Gretchen Carlson (photos) was the first classical violinist to win the Miss America crown.
Now: Find out what she does now.

Miss America 1990

Then: Debbye Turner was the first Miss Missouri to win the title and played the marimba.
Now: Find out what she does now.

Miss America 1991

Then: Marjorie Vincent  played the piano for her talent  and campaigned against domestic violence.
Now: She became a news reporter for a while and reportedly went back to law school.

Miss America 1992

Then: Carolyn Sapp  the first Miss Hawaii to wear the crown, starred in a TV movie about her relationship with an abusive boyfriend.
Now: Find out what she does now.

Miss America 1993

Then: Leanza Cornett  was the first Miss America to campaign for awareness of this illness and refused to wear her crown in public.
Now: She became an entertainment correspondent and married a fellow entertainment reporter .

Miss America 1994

Then: Kimberly Aiken  won when she was only 18 years old and advocated for the homeless.
Now: Find out what she does now.

Miss America 1995

Then: Heather Whitestone became the first deaf Miss America.
Now: She has written several books and underwent a controversial procedure in 2002.

Miss America 1996

Then: Shawntel Smith  was Miss Oklahoma, and her platform was getting high school students to work after graduation.
Now: Find out what she does now.

Miss America 1997

Then: Tara Dawn Holland  was an advocate for literacy and a singer.
Now: She's married, and her public appearances focus on a controversial topic. What is it?

Miss America 1998

Then: Kate Shindle used her platform to advocate for AIDS prevention around the world.
Now: She went on to a successful Broadway career and has a big role in an upcoming show.

Miss America 1999

Then: Nicole Johnson who has diabetes, advocated for diabetes education during her time as Miss America.
Now: She has helped raise millions for diabetes research (how much?) and wrote a book about living with the disease.

Miss America 2000

Then: Heather French  the first Miss Kentucky to win the crown, advocated for homeless veterans.
Now: She married a controversial Kentucky politician, spoke to Oprah Winfrey about a personal tragedy and continues to work for veterans.

Miss America 2001

Then: Angela Perez Baraquio was the first Asian-American to wear the crown.
Now: Find out what she does now.

Miss America 2002

Then: Katie Harman , who was crowned shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, sang a famous soprano aria.
Now: She is married to an Oregon Air National Guard pilot with two children.

Miss America 2003

Then: Erika Harold  stirred up controversy when she announced a new platform after she won.
Now: She spoke at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Miss America 2004

Then: Ericka Dunlap  the first black Miss Florida, used her platform to celebrate diversity.
Now: She is pursuing a country music career, and she and her husband competed on a popular reality show.

Miss America 2005

Then: Deidre Downs  advocated for a cure for childhood cancer during her extra-long reign.
Now: She got married in 2008 and last year graduated from medical school. Find pictures and details of the wedding.

Miss America 2006

Then: Jennifer Berry  was a ballet dancer and an advocate for an anti-drunk-driving group.
Now: She got married in 2007 and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Miss America 2007

Then: Lauren Nelson  used her platform to bring awareness to protecting children from online dangers.
Now: She posed as a teen to catch sexual predators. Find out what she does now.

Miss America 2008

Then: Kirsten Haglund  used her own struggles to bring awareness to eating disorders.
Now: She founded a group to help people with eating disorders and has made several appearances on a Fox News talk show.

Miss America 2009

Then: Katie Stam , the first Miss Indiana to win the title, appeared with her fellow contestants on a reality show.
Now: Find out what she does now.

Miss America 2010

Then: Caressa Cameron  sang a Beyonc√© tune on her way to winning the crown.
Now: After a year of travel , she will hand over the title to her successor.