The Bottle Cap Portraits of Molly B. Right‏

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

 Molly B. Right is a brilliant self-taught artist, from Charleston, South Carolina, who uses discarded bottle caps to create incredible portraits.
She began creating bottle cap portraits back in 1993, when she started pondering the phrase “Jesus Savesâ€. Saves what? – Molly asked – Does he just save souls, or if he had the time, would he also save things like string or rubber bands? Does he save bottle caps? And that’s when she took this question and turned it into a full size portrait of Jesus. “Now I’m doing bottle cap portraits of archetypal women that donâ have anything to do with Jesus saving anything. Now I’m the one who is saving bottle caps. Molly says in the artist statement on her official site.The process of creating bottle cap portraits begins with a painted portrait on a sheet of metal. Molly then glues the vintage bottle caps in an overlapping pattern, sort of like scales on a snake. She pays great attention to details, making sure there are no visible glue traces, and using several transparent washes of glaze to define her portraits even further.
The bottle caps Molly B. Right uses for her beautiful portraits are considered collectibles on their own, since all of them date from the 30′s to the 70′s.