Political sex scandals

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Political sex scandals
A powerful foreign figure was just placed under investigation for sexual misconduct and here in the United States we’re having a bout of dirty deed déja-vu. Here’s a list of some salacious political scandals that were (almost) too hot for headlines.

Mark Souder

Despite his stated beliefs, this eight-term Republican congressman ultimately admitted he and his female aide were having an extramarital affair. Amidst the fall-out, he took these steps.

Mark Sanford

Before there were allegations, there was a vanishing act. In the summer of 2009, the then-governor of this state couldn’t be found for days. When he surfaced, the truth was revealed: he was having an international tryst. Sanford remained in office after the scandal, but faced losses at home and at work.

Samuel B. Kent

This former federal judge  was impeached by the House in June 2009 for sexually assaulting two female employees and then making matters even worse. He had served since his 1990 nomination by this president.

John Edwards

The former senator  was exposed as an adulterer in 2007. Heightening the scandal was news of a love child. Edwards’ wife took action once the news broke, but she passed away before the two could divorce.

Eliot Spitzer

In 2008, a newspaper reported the then-New York governor had been caught in connection with a prostitution ring. Though Spitzer faced no charges, he did make this career move in the aftermath.

Tim Mahoney

Mahoney assumed the seat of a scandal-plagued politician and got into some trouble of his own. In 2008, reports alleged that he hired his mistress, and then paid her off. Mahoney himself took this action on the claims. He later fessed up.

Kwame Kilpatrick

In 2008, while still the mayor of this Midwest city, Kilpatrick was caught exchanging inappropriate texts with a staffer  with whom he was having an extramarital affair. Both were indicted on these charges.

Larry Craig

The former senator a conservative, was arrested for lewd conduct in June 2007. Where was he?  He pled guilty to soliciting a male police officer for sex, but then recanted. Here’s his official stance. In September, he announced he’d resign, but then retracted that, too.

Brian J. Doyle

The former deputy press secretary for this government office was indicted in 2006 for seducing a teenage girl online. How did he get nabbed? He was sentenced and registered as a sex offender.

Mark Foley

Foley resigned from his post  in 2006, after news surfaced that he was sending explicit emails and instant messages to an off-limits recipient. Considering his pet project while in office, the scandal seemed even more shocking.

Jim McGreevey

In 2004, the former governor admitted to acts of homosexual adultery with a staff member. McGreevey held a press conference and made this announcement before saying he’d resign.

Gary Condit

When a young D.C. intern disappeared in 2001, the five-term congressman from this state was questioned. Though he initially denied it, Condit eventually confessed to having an affair with her. He passed a polygraph test saying he didn’t know her whereabouts. This was the intern’s fate.

Bill Clinton

Former president Clinton was involved in a now-legendary Oval Office affair with an intern — though at the time he flatly denied it. He eventually came clean. In 1998, Clinton received this decision from the House of Representatives and this one from the Senate.

Robert Packwood

This former Oregon senator was forced to resign in 1995 after women  came forward claiming he was guilty of sexual harassment, abuse and assault. He denied it all, but was eventually responsible for his own undoing.

Mel Reynolds

Reynolds is a former Democratic member of the House of Representatives from this state. In 1994, he was indicted for criminal sexual abuse over a relationship with a volunteer. Despite all this, he was re-elected . He was convicted and resigned in 1995.

Brock Adams

The former Democratic congressman and Secretary of Transportation was accused of sexual abuse in 1992 . One former aide, in particular, spoke out. Adams — who denied the anonymous accusations — didn’t resign, but also didn’t seek re-election. He died in 2004 at age 77.

Gary Hart

Hart served as a Democratic senator for this state and presidential nominee who, in 1987, was reported to be having an extramarital affair. Photographic evidence did him in and he eventually threw in the towel.

Robert Bauman

Former House Rep. Bauman was known for founding this type of conservative Republican organization. He was also known for a 1980 scandal involving solicitation of an underage male prostitute. This cost him an election.

Wayne Hays

The Democratic Ohio congressman. who headed up this powerful committee was scandalized by talk that he hired a female staffer solely to serve as his mistress . The same year the scandal broke, Hays had married another staffer. He denied the affair at first, but soon admitted to wrongdoing and took these steps.