'American Idol': Where are they now?

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

'American Idol': Where are they now?
"American Idol" is gearing up for its 10th season with some new faces at the judges' table. So we're taking a stroll down memory lane to find out what past favorites are up to these days.

Crystal Bowersox

Season: 9
She was dealing with a breakup during the "Idol" finale but the single mom  bounced back with a new man and a new album.

Lee DeWyze

Season: 9
The former paint salesman released his first post-"Idol" album, but it's not selling as well as another "Idol" CD.

Simon Cowell

Seasons: 1-9
The "mean" judge with a penchant for showing his chest surprised a lot of people when he announced he would be leaving the show.

Kara DioGuardi

Seasons: 8-9
The hit songwriter  was the fourth judge for two seasons before she jumped ship last year.

Jason Castro

Season: 7
The dreadlocked guitarist  from small-town Texas has changed his relationship status since his time on the show.

David Archuleta

Season: 7
The teen pop singer appeared on "Star Search" before his "Idol" stint and released his first album in 2008.

Allison Iraheta

Season: 8
The teenage redhead  who had a previous brush with fame, released her debut album in 2009 before going on tour with a fellow "Idol" alum.

Kelly Clarkson

Season: 1
The Texas native has produced lots of hits  Her weight and fashion choices have become tabloid fodder.

Ruben Studdard

Season: 2
The "Velvet Teddy Bear" left the spotlight for a few years and married Surata Zuri McCants  in 2008.  His greatest post-"Idol" success has been as part of a troupe.

Fantasia Barrino

Season: 3
She has starred in a reality show, a TV movie and a Broadway play since appearing on "Idol," but the singer has also seen her share of troubles, including her father's lawsuit and a suicide attempt.

Carrie Underwood

Season: 4
After "Idol," she received this honor, dated a Cowboy and a "Gossip" star but married someone else. Before her "Idol" audition, she had never done something most of us don't blink at.

Taylor Hicks

Season: 5
The prematurely gray singer, whose fans had a soulful nickname, was named People's Most Eligible Bachelor, although later there were setbacks. He moved on to this role on Broadway.

Jordin Sparks

Season: 6
The daughter of a pro football player toured with this hot band and defended them when she thought they were dissed. She later toured with another famous singer.

David Cook

Season: 7
Cook battled a terrible personal challenge during the show and after. He became tabloid fodder when he dated one of the show's Season 2 contestants  Some say he owes his success to this particular fan base.

Kris Allen

Season: 8
Despite almost missing his shot at stardom, the married Allen has been performing on the road and TV ever since his "Idol" days. His self-titled album reached No. 11 but later met this fate.

Clay Aiken

Season: 2
His loyal fans  made his debut album a hit. Aiken made a not-so-surprising pronouncement and has become a daddy. Before that, he spent a stint on Broadway.

Jennifer Hudson

Season: 3
She went on to win a Grammy and took home this gold trophy for her role in "Dreamgirls." Since then, a horrible crime devastated her family, but joy returned to her life with this event.  Check out the glam dresses she wears on the red carpet.

Adam Lambert

Season: 8
The flamboyant singer  made this pronouncement and admitted to something else. His risqué performance at the American Music Awards caused ABC to cancel some appearances.

Chris Daughtry

Season: 5
Daughtry, who had a very different career prior to "Idol," has gone on to smashing success. His cover of a Lady Gaga song got more than a million views, and he has made recent additions to his family.

Paula Abdul

Seasons: 1-8
The "nice" judge didn't come back for the ninth season. She's gotten publicity in recent years for some strange things but hosted this glittery event and sells these bits of bling.

Sanjaya Malakar

Season: 6
A crying girl became the symbol of why he lingered.  He's oddly popular in another country and showed up on a reality TV show.

William Hung

Season: 3
The civil engineering student uttered a memorable line in response to Simon Cowell's criticism. Hung ended up recording several albums, appeared in a foreign flick and starred in a documentary about his life.

Elliott Yamin

Season: 5
The former pharmacy worker signed a deal with Sony and released his self-titled album in 2007. He released his second album, "Fight for Love," in 2009.

Bo Bice

Season: 4
The longhaired singer got his nickname  when his grandmother decided he had a famous actor's eyes. Bice released his debut album and got married in 2005. They recently had their third son.

Kellie Pickler

Season: 5
Pickler's quirky personality  won over "Idol" audiences, and her debut album went gold. She co-wrote a song with a teen country sensation on her self-titled second album. In 2009, she became a celebrity spokeswoman.

LaToya London

The R&B singer's first gig, at the age of 7, was singing at her mother's wedding reception. She released her debut album in 2005 and toured with "The Color Purple."

Syesha Mercado

Season: 7
Mercado, who won a Florida singing competition before her stint on "Idol," landed the lead role in the national tour of "Dreamgirls."

Blake Lewis

Season: 6
The beat-boxing singer  saw his major-label debut peak at on No. 10 on the Billboard 200. His second album was released in 2009.