Anti-Gravity Yoga

Posted by Shazy on Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anti-Gravity Yoga. In the West a few years boom continues - more and more people begin to engage in a new kind of fitness - antigravity yoga . Fundamentally new kind of yoga devised a gymnast from the United States, Christopher Harrison, who offered to do ... upside down.

The essence of this method is that yoga asanas are performed in a suspended position of the body - above the ground. It is achieved, thanks to a special belay wide ribbons attached to the ceiling.
According to the creator of the new method, a Broadway dancer and gymnast, Christopher Harrison, an unusual posture helps to straighten the joints tight and pull the body from the heel to the crown.
According to supporters of anti-gravity yoga, hanging above the ground, people are able to perform the asanas in yoga, which, in the traditional classroom make extremely difficult due to excessive tension in the body, especially in the back and neck.
According to research in the position of head down a person starts automatically self-updating mechanism.
The author of the new system claims that anti-gravity yoga can effectively balance the whole body and allow a lot of problems, including psychological nature.
In addition, anti-gravity yoga is very convenient for those people who have experienced trauma and back of hands, whose options are limited.
The lesson begins with warm-up and the first approaches in the hammock-insurance, which is stored within the body support in one or two feet to get used to a bit of "weightlessness". In the middle classes are more intense and complicated series of exercises: yoga poses from combining the dynamics, flexibility and strength. And the final part of the lesson restores breathing and muscle after exercise: specific asanas for relaxation and meditation can leave the room refreshed and full of energy.
It should be noted that anti-gravity yoga classes at home impossible. Need a special belay instruction sheet and an experienced instructor who has already mastered air yoga perfectly.