Amazing Animal Stories

Posted by Shazy on Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amazing Animal Stories
Amazing Animal Stories. Animals in the news. From the live Internet broadcast of three eaglets to a tornado-beaten pooch who crawls home, we take a look back at some of the most memorable animal stories that have made headlines in recent weeks.
Dog with two broken legs crawls home
A true mascot for storm survivors, Mason, a dog that was lost for more than two weeks after being picked up by a tornado, was found waiting for its owners at the family's home having crawled home with two broken legs.
Live eagle cam
Tens of thousands watched as the birth of three eaglets was broadcast live on the Internet in early April. The birdies became an Internet sensation.
Rare turtle netted
A rare giant turtle was captured in a lake in this East Asian country so it could receive medical treatment. Experts believe that sores on the aging animal may be a sign that it's suffering effects of a pervasive environmental problem.
Show-jumping cow
A German teenager whose parents wouldn't buy her a horse didn't let that dash her dreams of show-jumping. Regina Mayer, 15, just saddled up one of the dairy cows on her family's farm and trained Luna to jump.
Rodeo bulls break free
Three rodeo bulls made a run for it as they were being unloaded for an Xtreme Bulls event in Pocatello, Idaho. Cowboys and police corralled them about a mile away from Idaho State's Holt Arena.
Teeny tiny tortoise
At 1 month old, this tortoise was almost dwarfed by a grape. He's part of a litter born to a group of endangered tortoises that made headlines last year.
Cow delivers triplets
A cow recently gave birth to three calves at a ranch in Manhattan, Mont. Beef cows hardly ever give birth to triplets. The two females and one male were healthy at birth, and the mom nursed all three.
Goat wanders into store
A lost goat earned a classy nickname after wandering into a music store in a southeastern Idaho town.
SEAL Team Six dog
A heroic bomb-sniffing dog helped the Navy's SEAL Team Six pull off the high-stakes raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
Record-setting purr
An English cat has the loudest purr, according to Guinness World Records. Smokey, a gray and white tabby, reportedly purrs at 67.7 decibels, two to three times louder than usual.
Zoo finds stolen koala
Officials at an Australian zoo were worried sick after a koala was apparently stolen. They later found Banjo -- slightly dehydrated but otherwise OK -- in a parking lot in a plastic bin with a milk crate on top.
Long Island alligator
Police recently captured an alligator along the Long Island Expressway. Authorities said it's probably someone's pet, and it wasn't immediately clear how it got loose.
Space-traveling squid babies
Squid babies traveled with NASA astronauts on the recent launch of the space shuttle Endeavour. The mission might yield clues about how certain creatures respond to microgravity.
Whale language decoded
Scientists have recently learned that sperm whales -- which "speak" in patterns of clicks -- not only can communicate different things, but can distinguish the sounds of some whales from others, much like people pick up on regional accents.