Lives Saved by A Cellphon

Posted by Shazy on Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lives Saved by A Cellphone
Lives Saved by A Cellphone. Mobile phones are good for more than just texting, chatting and playing addictive games. You never know when you might need to place a call from the bottom of a tree well, like James Drummond recently did. Get his story and more examples of lifesaving cells.
James Drummond snowboarding accident
This snowboarder’s afternoon was spoiled when he crashed into a 6-ft. deep tree well (what’s that?). Drummond used his phone to place a distress call to his wife, who alerted the snow patrol. He was rescued a halfhour later.
Carla Chapman Florida sinkhole
Chapman was gardening at her Sunshine state home when she was swallowed up by a 7-ft. sinkhole. She had her phone handy and tried dialing for help, but got no signal.
John Garber Atlanta valet
Two ejected nightclub-goers angrily opened fire on the Atlanta hotspot where Garber was working as a valet. His cellphone — perched in his shirt pocket — blocked the stray bullet that would’ve otherwise entered his chest.
Thomas Wopat-Moreau
This Manhattan man’s car careened off a state highway, leaving him wounded and stranded for four days. It wasn’t a 911 call that alerted state troopers to his whereabouts
Dan Woolley Haiti earthquake
Woolley was making a film about poverty in Haiti’s capital when the nation’s devastating earthquake struck. Trapped under tons of wreckage in his hotel lobby, he used an iPhone app to learn how to treat his injuries.
Eric Cooper Sr. saves player

This SoCal coach turned to an iPhone app for pointers when one of his teen basketball players fell ill on the court. Cooper was able to successfully administer CPR and revive the player.
Abby Flantz and Erica Nelson
While hiking in Alaska, Flantz and Nelson mistakenly wandered off route and went missing
Kevin Weaver Belle the Beagle
When Weaver collapsed on the floor of his home his specially trained service dog, Belle, sprang into action. The beagle knew how to bite the 911 speed-dial button on Weaver’s cellphone, alerting the paramedics.
Shannon Haight saved by cellphone
Haight was abducted from a parking lot and attempted to call police while locked in a car trunk. After repeatedly dialing the wrong number by mistake, she eventually called her boyfriend, who called 911, setting off a high-speed chase.
Source: msn