Snookis Swimsuit struggles to Cover Her Curves

Posted by Shazy on Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snookis Swimsuit struggles to Cover Her Curves
The job was simply too big for a humble beach wrap.

Snooki fought a losing battle as she struggled to contain her curves with a chiffon sarong as she relaxed by the pool in Hawaii yesterday.

The Jersey Shore star twisted and turned, attempting to tie the sarong across her chest, before giving up.

Underneath it she was wearing a pink and white swimsuit. The cut out suit was designed to highlight the wearer's curves, but seemed almost overwhelmed by Snooki's figure.

Luckily her wardrobe troubles didn't seem to put off Snooki, who found the whole episode hilarious.

Her holiday on the idyllic island of Oahu hadn't got off to the best of starts when US Airways lost her luggage.

Snooki and boyfriend Jionni Lavalle were forced to delay their plans for romance as she instead hit the shops to replenish her wardrobe.

'I wish US Airways didn't lose my luggage,' she tweeted. 'Their service was so rude... Great way to start a vaca.'

But after two heavy shopping sessions, in which a glum Jionni helpfully carried her bags, Snooki was ready to relax.

She and Jionni enjoyed a a scuba diving boat trip, took a ride on a jet ski, enjoyed romantic dinners, and went dolphin spotting

And fans of the reality star didn't need to feel left out. The 23-year-old happily tweeted updated through her days.

'Kewl my eyelashes are floating in the pacific ocean thank you Jet Ski,' she wrote. And later: 'Dolphins are so fricken amazing. My next life I'm gonna be a squeaky jumpy dolphin =)'

Source: Dailymail