Sidekicks to the Stars

Posted by Shazy on Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sidekicks to the Stars

Sidekicks to the stars

Fame can be lonely and disorienting. So stars -- from the queen of television to the princess of country and her hunky ex -- often depend on a friend, assistant and/or adviser for personal grounding.
Here's a look at the not-so-famous folks who are celebrities' most important people.
Scroll down to read about these sidekicks to the stars:
Sweetie Hughes
Gayle King
Angel Porrino

Tammy Brook

Former publicist to this tantrum-throwing star
Why did she quit recently?
Why the singer threw a tantrum
What question triggered the outburst?

Sweetie Hughes

Personal assistant to "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star
Videos of Sweetie on "Housewives"
NeNe Leakes refers to Sweetie with racially charged word
Sweetie's boss is pregnant. Who's the NFL player dad-to-be?

Austin Nichols

Best friends with this "Brokeback Mountain" star
Paparazzi photos of Nichols and pal hanging out
Video: Bromance jokes on "Kimmel"
Friendship fuels these rumors

Melissa Forde

Best friend and assistant to this pop superstar
Both inked symbol of friendship on their bodies
Grew up together in tropical paradise
Photos of super-close pals together

CaCee Cobb

BFF and former assistant of singer-turned-reality-star-turned-fashion-mogul
Cobb dates an actor who starred on "Scrubs"
Appeared on famous friend's TV series about looking good
And on the star's career-making reality TV show

Gayle King

Best friend to the most powerful woman on television
Day jobs: magazine editor and host of new talk show
Present when friend was famously shut out of Paris fashion house
Video: Star cries when discussing King's friendship

Abigail Anderson

Friend since teenage years of young country-pop superstar
A star in her own right in a collegiate sport
Inspired hit "Fifteen" and appears in song's music video
Celeb signed jersey for friend's fundraiser. How much was raised?

Chuy Bravo

Pint-size personal assistant and rising co-star of late-night talk-show host
Boss's nickname for him| His real name
Recently published a humorous self-help book
Watch clean clips of Bravo

Holly Goline

Friend and personal assistant to A-list actress with six children
Do assistant and actress look alike?
Had same pregnancy due date as her boss
Acted in movie about journalist killed by terrorists

Trace Ayala

Best friend and business partner to boy bander-turned-superstar
Duo collaborates on award-winning fashion label
In their home state, Ayala and A-lister own a barbecue restaurant
Broke engagement to sitcom star who later married a ballplayer

Malika Haqq

Best friend and assistant of socialite sister on reality TV
Appears occasionally on her BFF's hit reality show
She's the woman in the video for "Speedin'" by Omarion
Chemistry with boss's brother?

Angel Porrino

Best friend and personal assistant to Playboy model and TV personality
Appeared on her boss's reality show and the spin-off
Treated to a plastic surgery procedure
Check out red-carpet photos of the two bombshells

Judy Ogle

Longtime friend and assistant of country music superstar
Star says she and Ogle do love each other ... just not like that
Boss uses nickname that reveals closeness
Duties include ensuring star's high-maintenance look stays fresh

Vernon Jordan

Friend and confidant to a former U.S. president
Civil rights leader and lawyer is now an executive at this bank
Played himself on a hit legal TV drama
Titled his memoir after a racist man's surprise
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