Real Haunted Houses

Posted by Shazy on Thursday, March 31, 2011

Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses

Reports that this reality TV house is haunted got us thinking about some other famous haunted houses in the United States. Have you visited any of them? Have any of them visited you?
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Hull House in Chicago
LaLaurie House in New Orleans
Franklin Castle in Cleveland

Amityville House

Perhaps the most well-known haunted house of our spooky bunch, the story begins with the DeFeo family murders in 1974. Thirteen months later, the Lutz family moved in. They stayed only 28 days, and claimed they were terrorized by paranormal happenings. A book and popular movie followed, but there are still skeptics.

The White House

One of the most famous addresses in the country is reportedly haunted. Ghost sightings are common, especially those of Abraham Lincoln.

The Myrtles Plantation

Believed to be one of the most haunted places in America, this antebellum plantation in Louisiana was built in 1796 and is said to be home to more than 10 ghosts, including William Winter and a slave named Chloe.

The Whaley House

In 1960, this Old Town San Diego house was named an official Haunted House by the United States Commerce Department. There have been reports of at least four separate ghosts and a dog seen by multiple visitors.

Hull House

The haunted house stories, including the most famous - the devil baby—have sometimes overshadowed the work that this woman did for women inside its walls. She was the first American woman to win this prize. Today it’s a museum and a stop on the Haunted Chicago tours.

LaLaurie House

When Madame LaLaurie owned this New Orleans house, there were rumors of her mistreatment of slaves. When a fire broke out in 1834, the discovery of a torture chamber was more horrible than imagined. Hauntings have been reported ever since.

Congelier House

While this Pittsburgh mansion had a history of murder and gruesome crimes, it was the way the house was eventually destroyed in 1927 that was the most puzzling. Some report that it still appears out of thin air like a ghost house.

Winchester House

Sarah Winchester believed she was outwitting ghostly spirits by renovating her San Jose home for 38 years.  Now a tourist attraction, the home is filled with strange secret passageways and hidden rooms. Visitors still report apparitions and sightings.

Franklin Castle

Voices of crying children, a woman in black, the discovery of skeletons and the bones of dead children in its walls. It’s no wonder they call this Cleveland mansion the most haunted house in Ohio.  Read more about its most infamous owner.