The Only Way Is Essex Girls Go Mud Wrestling

Posted by Shazy on Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Only Way Is Essex Girls Go Mud Wrestling
With just days until the second series of The Only Way Is Essex returns to our screens the characters are no doubt topping up their tans, primping their hair and ensuring their vajazzles are firmly in place.

But it seems two stars of the show tried out a novel way of getting into shape for the second round of cat-flights, tears and tantrums embarking on a grueling fitness boot camp – in true Essex style, of course.

Mark Wright’s former flame Lucy Mecklenburgh was joined by Arg’s girlfriend Lydia Bright and the girls weren’t going to let the muddy training getting in the way of looking their best and found enough energy to enjoy an impromptu mud-wrestling match.

The pair were joined by two friends who were also sporting a full face of make-up and blow dried hair for the outdoor activities at the No1 boot camp in Norfolk.

With their hair flowing behind them the girls ran down to the beach to begin their session carrying small weighted balls.

That in itself must have been a tough task for the girls who are more used to lifting boutique shopping bags than weights.

And the girls ditched their designer dresses and high heels for black exercise leggings and a low cut black vest, but didn’t opt for sports bras for the strenuous activities.

The girls did show willing and performed a number of exercises including a girl-style press up which displayed their ample cleavage and a wide-legged squat on the sand.

The girls then crawled through the mud and while they seemed to be exhausted at the activity seemed to be in good spirits, even when the trainer flicked mud across their made-up faces.

And perhaps aware of the cameras on them, or maybe just fans of mud-wrestling Lydia challenged Lucia to a bout and the pair got the grips with each other in the dirt.

Always ready to oblige a waiting photographer the girls got together for a group shot.

Lucy, who is a size eight and weights nine stone has revealed how all the cast members have been putting in extra effort getting into shape for the new series.

She told New! Magazine: ‘Everyone’s gone a bit hardcore trying to lose weight for the next series.’

The 20-year-old credits her own trim figure to zumba classes and poledancing

The Only Way Is Essex returns March 20th on ITV2 at 10pm

Source: Dailymail