Best Movie Dance Scenes

Posted by Shazy on Thursday, March 24, 2011

 Best Movie Dance Scenes
Best movie dance scenes
Hollywood has given us so many memorable waltzing, pirouetting and break-dancing numbers. Here's a roundup of some of our favorites -- including some by twinkle-toed legends and stars who are surprisingly spry.

Swing Time
This 1936 musical stars the most famous dancing duo of all time. The film features plenty of old Hollywood splendor, but few scenes captivate like this unassuming little number.
Singin' in the Rain
Both the title track and its accompanying dance scene -- starring these famed feet -- have become a part of movie history.
West Side Story
This stage-to-screen musical adaptation draws you in from the very beginning. The dancing delinquents are simultaneously gritty and graceful.
Mary Poppins
One of the best scenes from this 1964 children's classic isn't about its title character at all. A comedy vet helms a lively dance crew that parties on the London rooftops.
Saturday Night Fever
The 1977 disco extravaganza was filled with hits and "The Hustle." One scene stands out, with all eyes on the film's budding star.
In 1983, a fledgling actress proved a drab gray sweatshirt could have serious sex appeal.
It's best not to think about the acting or the plot of this 1984 release. Just admire it for helping to bring popping and locking to the mainstream.
A town where dancing is forbidden? Not if a big-city newcomer has anything to say about it.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
This 1986 comedy followed the exploits of a popular puckish teen. And while music was mainly kept in the background, throngs of city dwellers broke into dancing mid-movie.
Dirty Dancing
The ugly duckling-turned-swan story captured our hearts back in the late '80s, thanks to a young actress, a muscled hunk and a soft rock hit.
Do the Right Thing
Anyone who's seen this gripping drama knows it's not a musical like the others direct. All the same, the opening credits feature an unforgettable one-woman performance.
You Got Served
An R&B singer leads this cast of gravity-defying street dancers. The film features plenty of impressive break-dancing one-upmanship, culminating in one last battle.
500 Days of Summer
In the midst of this quirky deconstructed love story, the male lead is so smitten that he breaks into an unexpected dance number, drawing workaday commuters out of their doldrums

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