Bacon Mania

Posted by Shazy on Monday, March 7, 2011

Bacon Mania
Bacon Mania
Bacon Mania
Healthy or not, bacon is everywhere these days. One bacon fan calls it “meat candy.” Makes sense, since you can find it in cupcakes, mints and even chocolate bars. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

Bacon-flavored baby formula
Why wait until your kid has stopped teething to make him (or her) a bacon addict? That was the thought at least behind the bacon-flavored baby formula. But it wasn't meant to be: In April 2010, the FDA pulled the plug on the company's plans to launch the product.
Make it taste like bacon
What makes other dishes taste better? Making them taste like bacon, of course. Here are a few products designed to do just that:
Why wouldn’t bacon’s flavor dominance extend to condiments? There is no rational reason, hence Baconnaise. Spread it on thick.
Jones bacon-flavored soda
Nothing washes down a heaping plate of your favorite breakfast meat like a carbonated bacon soft drink. Try it as a mixer.
Bacon cupcakes
Making your favorite dessert? Don’t forget the bacon. These folks didn’t, and we’re forever in their salty debt.
Bacon mints
Salty pork goodness and fresh breath. Who could ask for more?
Bacon ice cream
Vanilla fans need not apply. This is the perfect dessert for folks who think regular ice cream is just not fattening enough.
Bacon soap
Bet you thought this said soup. Here's a soap to give your favorite bacon freak that day-long hunger-inducing scent.
Bakon, the bacon-flavored vodka
It’s made from bacon and potatoes. What could be better?
Gummy bacon
No, not a product Grandpa can eat without his dentures. Think Gummy Bears. Looks like bacon, tastes like strawberry.
Bacon popcorn
What could enhance the salty goodness of popcorn like, well, the salty goodness of bacon?
Bacon-flavored dental floss
When your morning bacon gets caught in your teeth, but you miss the flavor after you brush your teeth…bacon-flavored dental floss is the answer.
Bacon gum
The only thing wrong with bacon is that you chew, but eventually have to swallow and lose that bacon taste in your mouth. Not with bacon gum.
Bacon toothpaste
When that bacon buzz starts to wear off and you need to get ready for work, what else gives your breath that fresh bacon scent? Bacon toothpaste
Mo’s Bacon Bar
Applewood smoked bacon and chocolate. Yum. Why did this take so long?

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