Cat survives 19 shots

Posted by Shazy on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A man shot a cat 19 times with a metal bb-gun in Indiana. 5-year-old Rubix had 18 BBs lodged inside him.
The Garfield look-a-like was shot by Kayla Haskett former roommate's nephew. Caesar Mendez, 19, has been arrested after a traffic stop on Monday. He has been charged with animal cruelty.Hasket told CNN, "He's my miracle kitty, and I always knew he was special. He is in little to no discomfort. The vet said he probably would not have discomfort. I would like to have surgery to remove the bb's, but it's a little expensive, so I'm trying to save up the money for that."

The 18 metal bbs stuck inside Rubix was shot over a period of one month's time. Through January to February, Mendez allegedly shot the cat 19 times if not more. Mendez claimed the cat tried to scratch him and he was trying to defend himself.